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Real Name: Perpigillium Brown
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Firm breasts. Extremely compassionate.

An unconvincing American accent. Easily confused. In a fight, she's the one getting captured first.

An American university student who happened across the Fifth Doctor, while on holiday in the Med. She almost immediately proved herself a greater liability than asset, as the Doctor was forced to regenerate to save her life in what might have been scant days after meetng her.

She thus principally travelled with the Sixth Doctor, whom, had she met originally, she almost certainly would have avoided. Though it would eventually grow into a more friendly relationship, the majority of the interplay between Peri and the Sixth Doctor was antagonistic, as between an arrogantly brilliant professor and his very worst student. Only in her final couple of stories did they really manage to display something bordering on mutual appreciation.

Indeed, her last story showed her being killed, and the Doctor genuinely grief struck. It was mentioned in a later episode--which did not feature Peri--that she had, in fact, lived and married King Yrcanos of Krontep. Among Doctor Who fans, this is considered one of the weakest of all the companions' exits from the series. Moreover, as this reversal in Peri's fortunes was not really shown, some fans completely ignore it. They believe she did, in fact, die--and that the Doctor was being lied to about her "final" status.

Nevertheless, fans of the comic history of Doctor Who have been forced to take the "Peri lives" road, because it serves as the basis for the longest single story ever told, "Age of Chaos", and is the reason given by the comic Seventh Doctor for her sudden absence.

Peri's first appearance is only slightly problematic. While there is no doubt that the genuine Perpigillium Brown does not show up until DWM #104, her visage first appears in issue #102. This earlier appearance is later revealed to be something like an hallucination.

Her absence from the first half of the Sixth Doctor era in DWM is the result of the Doctor having simply dropped her off on 20th century Earth for a bit. Even after her return to the TARDIS, she would occasionally not appear in stories, with her absence again being explained as her taking a vacation on Earth.

Picturing Peri
At top right is one of the few illustrated images of Peri that is both in color and clearly a recognizable likeness of Nicola Bryant. It is taken from the one Dr. Who Annual to feature the Sixth Doctor—although it ironically included no sequential art.

At middle right is a frame of typical John Ridgway art from the Sixth Doctor's era in Doctor Who Magazine, which gives us a glimpse at the whole "TARDIS team" of Frobisher, Peri, and the Doctor.

Problematic Peri
On the whole, Peri's appearances in the Sixth Doctor's comic era are quite easy to place alongside her television appearances. It's when the Seventh Doctor comes along that things get tricky.

The main reason is the character of Frobisher, who never existed on television, but was the Doctor's omnipresent companion from his sixth incarnation's first story until his seventh's. We can just about slide the Peri/Frobisher/Sixth Doctor team into the "hiatus" between Colin Baker's first season and his second. That works neatly enough.

But in the Seventh Doctor's comic debut, "A Cold Day in Hell", we see that the editorial staff of DWM have chosen to completely ignore televised reality. Instead of just retiring the Sixth Doctor's era abruptly (as they did, for instance, with the Eighth and Ninth Doctors), they bother to create a sort of transition. Peri's gone in that first McCoy story, but Frobisher is not. In fact, the whole plot revolves around the fact that Frobisher is missing Peri, who is explained—as was true in the TV series—to be married to King Yrcanos.

With one story, DWM created a huge continuity problem where none existed. Before "A Cold Day in Hell", Frobisher could have been safely tucked away in the season-that-never-was. After, we have to find a way to explain how he could know of the events of the "Trial of a Time Lord" season without having appeared on television. By completely ignoring Mel and retaining Frobisher, DWM made it harder to figure out where the early, pre-Ace Seventh Doctor strips "go".

Consequently, Peri's own placement in comics is somewhat dubious. It certainly can be inferred from "A Cold Day in Hell" that she might've been a companion of the comic Seventh Doctor herself. Still, since the whole of "Trial of a Time Lord" is itself a continuity nightmare—with the conclusion being that the events depicted did not necessarily occur—it's possible to just hold your nose and walk quickly through this malodorous little part of the Doctor's life.

First Appearance: Doctor Who Magazine (1979) #104

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Issue Appearances:
Doctor Who 100-Page Spectacular (2012)

Doctor Who Classics: Series 4 (2012)
Doctor Who Graphic Novel (2004)
Doctor Who Magazine (1979)
Doctor Who Magazine Special (1980)
Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time (2013)
Doctor Who: The Forgotten (2008)
Grant Morrison's Doctor Who (2008)
The Dr Who Annual (1965)

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Doctor Who companions

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