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Tanya Ryan

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Tanya Ryan and her husband, Larry, were on a camping trip, trying to get some time alone from their normal everday lives, and work on their marriage, which seemingly hadn't been great in the recent past.

Unknown to them, She-Hulk and her partner Jazinda, were on a cross-country chase nearby, to find a mysterious man named Bran. Bran had recently blown up a Manhattan bar in an attempt to kill She-Hulk. While driving, She-Hulk's vehicle was landed on by an unknown spaceship. Inside, was Cazon, of the alien race The Froma.

Cazon was on the run from an intergalatic bounty hunter known as Kodor, of The Badoon. He pleaded with She-Hulk and Jazinda to help him, and even though She-Hulk refused, Jazinda agreed to help him out. Moments later, Jazinda and Cazon were attacked by Kodor, and She-Hulk intercepted to help out her friend.

On the run, Cazon and Jazinda came upon Tanya and Larry in the woods. Showing his true colors, Cazon killed Tanya and Jazinda (unknowing that Jazinda is essentially unable to die) and took Larry hostage.

After seeing Tanya and Jazinda dead, She-Hulk realized that she had made a mistake and was fighting the wrong foe. Kodor temporarily reaminated Tanya to aid his pursuit of Cazon. And when she came face to face with Cazon, she tried to kill him herself, when She-Hulk and Larry interceded, convincing her to hold onto her humanity for one last breath.

Larry held Tanya as she faded away into nothingness. Jazinda, enraged at what had just occured, killed Cazon from behind. She-Hulk and Jazinda then left to continue their pursuit of Bran.

Awhile later, they stopped at a gas station and saw on television that Larry had been arrested and charged with the murder of Tanya. They went back to aid Larry. She-Hulk, having been disbarred from the law profession, and no longer able to defend Larry herself, had to swallow her pride and call in help from Mallory Book, her former colleague. Book, with the surprising help of Tony Stark, was able to have Larry aquitted and the charges dismissed with prejudice, meaning the case could never be refiled.


First Appearance: She-Hulk (2005) #25

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Issue Appearances:
She-Hulk (2005)

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