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Miss Fury (Drake)
Real Name: Marla Drake
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Despite the association of her panther suit with African witch doctors, she gained no special powers from it. She was just a woman in a suit.

One night, when getting ready for a ball, wealthy socialite Marla Drake got word that another attendee was wearing the same outfit. Concerned about the potential social embarrassment, Drake's housemaid Francine suggested she wear an African panther skin left to her by her uncle. Amazingly, the ceremonial garb meant to be worn by a witch doctor fit her precisely.

On the way to the party, she got embroiled in an escapade involving the recapture of an escaped murderer. The press, trying to spice up their accounting of the story, bestowed the name "Black Fury" on her.

Having gained a taste for adventure, Drake continued her "night job" but correcting reporters as to her name. She was not "Black Fury", but "Miss Fury".

Whatever her name, her vigilantism soon attracted the attention of Detective Carey. He was constantly trailing after her to discover her secret identity and establish which side of the law she was on.

Eventually, Drake would gain enough confidence as a crime-fighter to step things up and take on international evil. She thus became a combatant in various World War II-related adventures.

Long after the original run of the comic strip and, indeed, the death of her creator it was proposed that Drake and Carey married and had children. Ultimately, according to this minor offshoot of the main Miss Fury legend, her granddaughter took up the panther suit to fight as the turn-of-the-20th-century Fury.

Her first appearance was in a 6 April 1941 newspaper comic strip, making her the first female super-hero created by a woman.

Though she doesn't quite pre-date the similarly-attired Catwoman (Selina Kyle), her moral ambiguity does. At the time that Miss Fury first appeared, Catwoman was a straight villain. The now-popular notion of Catwoman as a woman alternating between selfishness and altruism is something that was added to that character only after it had been shown as a character trait of Miss Fury.

Miss Fury was a popular enough icon during World War II that she was the namesake of an US Army Air Force bomber that crashed near Manduria, Italy, on 13 March 1944.

First Appearance: None listed.

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Issue Appearances:
Batman/Shadow (2017)
Codename: Action (2013)
Masks (2012)
Miss Fury (1942)
Miss Fury (1979)
Miss Fury (2007)
Miss Fury (2011)
Miss Fury (2013)
Miss Fury (2016)
Miss Fury Digital First [I] (2013)
Miss Fury Digital First [II] (2013)
Noir (2013)
Swords of Sorrow (2015)
Swords of Sorrow: Miss Fury & Lady Rawhide (2015)
The Malibu Sun (1991)
The Twelve (2008)

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