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The Black Terror
Real Name: Bob Benton
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Super strength. Skin tough enough to repell bullets.

Whatever super strength & hard skin can't protect one from.

The Black Terror was pharmacist Bob Benton, who got his super powers by ingesting "formic ethers", which he'd been experimenting with in his spare time. Breathing them gave him super strength, and toughened his skin to the point where bullets would bounce off harmlessly. His main motivation for putting on a costume was to fight the Japanese, Nazis and criminals. His sidekick, Tim Roland, who wore an identical costume, received the same "treatment" giving him the same powers. The Black Terror and Tim (who, like Captain America's Bucky, used just his first name as a superhero monicker) were collectively known as The Terror Twins. The cast was rounded out by love interest, Jean Starr, secretary to the town mayor, who often tagged along on their adventures.

Eclipse Comics did a four-issue mini-series 'revival' of the Black Terror. In this issue, the character is an undercover FBI agent operating against organized crime, who would dress up like the Black Terror for certain operations. He had no superpowers or any connection to the original character.

AC Comics revised the Black Terror, starting in their Americomics title. In it, now retired Bob Benton returns to action after an attempt to shake him down for protection money lead to the death of his wife. He would now operate as an over the top vigilante, now just called the "Terror".

Later, for some unexplained reason, he would become a criminal enforcer and be known as the "Terrorist".

The Black Terror, along with other heroes from Nedor/Better Comics, were revived by Alan Moore in his series Tom Strong, published under DC's America's Best Comics imprint. This revival set the characters on a parallel world called Terra Obscura, which was also the title of the resulting mini-series.


First Appearance: Exciting Comics (1940) #9

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Issue Appearances:
ABC: A-Z, Terra Obscura and Splash Brannigan (2006)
America's Best Comics (1942)
Black Terror (1942)
Black Terror (2008)
Black's Terror Tales (2003)
Exciting Comics (1940)
Golden Age Greats (1994)
Golden-Age Men of Mystery (1996)
Masks (2012)
Masquerade (2009)
Men of Mystery Comics (1999)
Men of Mystery Spotlight Special (2001)
Miss Victory Golden Anniversary Special (1991)
Nightveil (1984)
Not Forgotten Anthology (2017)
Out of the Shadows (2012)
Overstreet Comic Book Monthly (1993)
Project Superpowers (2008)
Project Superpowers (2009)
Project Superpowers: BlackCross (2015)
Project Superpowers: Chapter Three (2018)
Project Superpowers: Chapter Two (2009)
Project Superpowers: Chapter Two Prelude (2008)
Project Superpowers: Meet the Bad Guys (2009)
Project Superpowers: The Death-Defying 'Devil Free Comic Book Day (2008)
Prophecy (2012)
Savage Dragon (1993)
Sentinels of America (2003)
Tarnished (2013)
Terra Obscura (2003)
Terra Obscura Volume 2 (2004)
The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross (2011)
The Next Issue Project (2008)
The Official Golden-Age Hero & Heroine Directory (1997)
Tom Strong (1999)
Total Eclipse (1988)
Total Eclipse (1998)

Group Affiliation(s):
Nedor Heroes
public domain characters

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