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Real Name:
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As a Skrull, Nogor is able to transform his body into any shape he wishes. He is also able to call upon the power of the Skrull gods.

Nogor is the holiest of all the Skrulls, a Talisman to the race. His appearance signifies an impending invasion of a planet.

During Secret Invasion, Nogor took the form of Longshot, and befriended Darwin, thinking that Darwin could be an asset to the Skrulls.

She-Hulk and Jazinda were able to track Nogor down, as Jazinda was able to sense Nogor. At the same time, X-Factor Investigations were hired to find Darwin, by his father. While She-Hulk and X-Factor battled it out, Jazinda was able to chase down Nogor (still posing as Longshot) and Darwin. After the situation was explained, Darwin, using his mutant abilites, was able to "short-circut" Nogor's ability to shapeshift, and he reverted back to his skrull form.

Nogor then battled She-Hulk and X-Factor, calling upon the power of the skrull gods. He was eventually defeated and taken into custody by Jazinda and She-Hulk, who figured that Nogor would be key in stopping the invasion of Skrulls.

As Nogor was in custody, the Super-Skrull attacked Jazinda, his daughter, having sworn that upon their next encounter, he would kill her for being a traitor to their race. She-Hulk, unwilling to let this happen, battled Super-Skrull until he was able to apprehend Jazinda.

She-Hulk, through the use of words, and not muscle, was able to make Super-Skrull realize that it wasn't Jazinda's fault that he hated her, but in fact, his own, because his son had died, while Jazinda had lived.

Super-Skrull still shot Jazinda in the head, knowing that her ability to never die would allow her to regenerate and live again. Nogor then approached, and as he attempted to remove the crystal that is infused with Jazinda's body (the origin of her ability to be unable to die), Super-Skrull protected her with an invisible force-field, and flung Nogor a great distance away.

As Super-Skrull flew away, he informed She-Hulk that Nogor was now under his protection, and that if Jazinda attempted to go after him again, he would in fact kill her.


First Appearance: X-Factor (2006) #33

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Issue Appearances:
Marvel Fact Files (2013)
She-Hulk (2005)
X-Factor (2006)

Group Affiliation(s):
Skrulls (Marvel)

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