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Isis (Darren G. Davis)
Real Name: Jessica Eisen
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Unlike DC's Isis, the Darren G. Davis Isis is literally the Egyptian goddess.

Five thousand years in the past, she battled her sister, Nephtys, for the affections of the Egyptian god, Osiris. She won the actual physical confrontation with her sister, but lost the war. Unhappy with her defeat in combat, Nephtys magically cast her sister into the present day, where she could no longer object to her romance with Osiris.

Moreover, Nephtys effectively erased Isis from history and, more importantly, Osiris' mind. This allowed Osiris to wed Nephtys without conscience, and without counsel to avoid her machinations.

In reality, Nephtys' goals were far greater than mere romance. She intended to gain total power over Egypt by killing her new husband and taking his place on the throne. Only on his deathbed did he realize her full plan. But in that instant he also remembered Isis. Hoping to eventually correct his mistake, he poured all his power into the Staff of Luxor, hoping his true love would eventually find it.

Stranded and alone in the 21st century, Isis discovered the Staff of Luxor at a museum. When she touched it, Osiris' power was channeled into her. Gifted with the power of a god, she seeks to live her life to the benefit of others. But she faces the central problems of understanding what "right" and "wrong" mean in the 21st century, as well as the heartache of a lost love she can never recover.

In her struggles she is aided by policeman Scott Dean and his girlfriend, Crystal Van Howe. They have invented the identity "Jessica Eisen"—Scott's mother's name—and set her up as a museum worker specializing in Ancient Egyptian artifacts.

This Isis is not copyrighted to any one publishing house, but is instead owned by creator, Darren G. Davis. As a result, the character has appeared in the publications of at least five different companies. As of 2008, she resides at Bluewater Comics, also owned by Davis. According to the Bluewater website, Paramount have optioned the character for a feature film.

First Appearance: Image Introduces…Legend of Isis (2002) One-shot

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Issue Appearances:
10th Muse (2005)

Bluewater Productions Presents (2008)
Image Introduces…Legend of Isis (2002)
Legend of Isis (2009)
Legend of Isis/Black Scorpion (2010)
The Legend of Isis (2005)
The Legend of Isis (2007)
The Odyssey (2002)

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