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Firestorm (DC)(05 - Ronnie Raymond)
Real Name: Ronnie Raymond
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Firesorm V possesses all the powers as Firestorm I.

Firestorm V possesses all the weaknesses as Firestorm I.

Learning he had contracted leukemia, Ronnie Raymond underwent radiation therapy, when he suddenly burst into flames. Ronnie could not control these powers, and Extreme Justice was called in to help Ronnie control his powers.

Learning of Ronnie's plight, Professor Stein returned to Earth and offered Ronnie the chance to merge with him once again, as Stein was losing his humanity. Rejecting Stein's offer, Stein used his abilities to alter Ronnie's molecular structure, thus removing the leukemia from his body and restoring Ronnie his full abilities as Firestorm, no longer requiring a merger.

Following the events of Identity Crisis, Ronnie Raymond is believed to be deceased.


First Appearance: Extreme Justice (1995) #4

Other Identities:
Ronald 'Ronnie' Raymond

Favorite Characters:
Firestorm (DC)(05 - Ronnie Raymond) is a favorite character of 9 users

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Issue Appearances:
Adventure Comics (2009)
Adventures of Superman (1987)
Amazing Adventures of the JLA (2006)
Armageddon: Inferno (1992)
Avengers/JLA (2003)
Blackest Night (2009)
Blackest Night: Black Lantern Corps (2010)
Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps (2009)
Blackest Night: Wonder Woman (2010)
Booster Gold (2007)
Countdown (2007)
Day of Judgment (1999)
DC Comics Presents: Brightest Day (2010)
DC One Million (1998)
DC One Million Omnibus (2013)
DC Universe Online: Legends (2011)
DC Universe: Origins (2009)
DC Versus Marvel/Marvel Versus DC (1996)
DCU: Legacies (2010)
Deathstroke (1995)
Extreme Justice (1995)
Final Night (1996)
Firestorm (2004)
Green Lantern (1990)
Green Lantern (2005)
Green Lantern: Circle of Fire (2000)
Green Lantern/Firestorm (2000)
Green Lantern/Green Lantern (2000)
Guy Gardner: Warrior (1994)
Identity Crisis (2004)
JLA (1997)
JLA Gallery (1997)
JLA Secret Files (1997)
JLA-Z (2003)
JLA: Classified (2005)
JLA: The Ultimate Guide to The Justice League of America (2002)
JLA: Welcome to the Working Week (2003)
JLA/Avengers (2003)
JLA/JSA Secret Files and Origins (2003)
JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice (2002)
JSA (1999)
Justice League America (1989)
Justice League of America (2006)
Justice Leagues: JLA (2001)
Justice Leagues: Justice League of Aliens (2001)
Justice Society of America (2007)
Legion Secret Files 3003 (2004)
Lobo (1993)
Manhunter (2004)
Secret Files & Origins Guide to the DC Universe 2000 (2000)
Starman (1994)
Suicide Squad (1987)
Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes (2006)
Superman: The Man of Steel (1991)
Superman: The Man of Tomorrow (1995)
Superman/Batman (2003)
The DC Comics Encyclopedia (2004)
The Flash (1987)
The Legion (2001)
The Power Company (2002)
The Power Company: Josiah Power (2002)
Titans Secret Files (1999)
Total Justice (1996)
Underworld Unleashed (1995)
Untold Tales of Blackest Night (2010)

Group Affiliation(s):
Black Lantern Corps
Extreme Justice
Justice League Europe (DC)
Justice League of Air (DC)
Justice League of America (DC)
Power Company

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