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Commissioner Ultima
Real Name:
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* Blast Power
* Dimensional Manipulation
* Flight
* Invulnerability
* Super Strength
* Teleport

Commissioner Ultima is the commissioner for police precincts over a plethora of universes and parallel realities, including Top 10 in Neopolis.

Commissioner Ultima came from Grand Central in Precinct One, a universe where the Roman Empire never fell and instead lived on well into the 21st Century. Ultima was considered a "Giga Level" super being capable of traveling across universes at will. It's speculated she has enough power to bring down entire cities if she chooses to.
It was later revealed Ultima was a hard core substance abuser and was addicted to a type of super drug known as Xenite, and she murdered drug dealer Stefan "Saddles" Graczik. Graczik's boss, Doctor Gromolko, later committed suicide in police custody for fear of Ultima coming after him.
As the investigation into Graczik's death continued, Ultima tried to cover her tracks by putting Detective John "King Peacock" Corbeau in Precinct One's death match tournament, before travelling to Top 10's precinct house under the guise of an inspection. Her real goal was to acquire the Xenite the detectives confiscated from Gromolko's lab. Ultima's plans fell through when Detective Wanda "Synaesthesia" Jackson recognize Ultima's perfume, which she'd sensed on Graczik's body but due to the nature of her powers had translated the scent into music (Ultima's perfume was called "Joy," and Jackson had translated it into "Ode to Joy"). As Detective Jackson tried to place Ultima under arrest, the commissioner's had a complete breakdown and went on a rampage, screaming for the Xenite. She killed Officer "Girl One" Li and engaged Officer Jeff Smax in a brutal fight that tore through the precinct, in the process killing M'rrgla Qualtz, the Libra Killer, in the precinct's holding cells.
Realizing Ultima would most likely destroy Neopolis to cover her tracks, Officer Robyn "Toybox" Slinger suggested they just give Ultima the Xenite she was craving, figuring she'd either calm down or OD. Just as Ultima was about to kill Smax, one of Robyn's toy robots injected the full container of Xenite in the back of Ultima's neck. Realizing she was about to die, Ultima attempted to kill Robyn by blasting her away, but she survived thanks to Smax's timely interference.


First Appearance: None listed.

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Issue Appearances:
Absolute Top 10 (2013)
America's Best Comics (2000)
America's Best Comics Preview (1999)
America's Best Comics Primer (2008)
Top 10 (1999)

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