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M'rrgla Qualtz

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* Telepathy - She can telepathically communicate with others has the ability to telepathically project imagery into the minds of others.
* Shape-Shifting - She is able to change shape into the form of an attractive humanoid female.  It seems likely that she can change shapes into a variety of other forms as well.
* Monofilament Tentacles - While in her natural worm-like form, M'rrgla has exceptionally deadly purple monofilament tentacles sprouting from her body that are capable of slicing between atoms.
* Precognitive - She is slightly precognitive; enough to foresee her own death, but not enough to tell at who's hands or why.

* Illusion Casting
* Longevity
* Prehensile Hair

An alien from Antares that was a member of the Seven Sentinels and became "The Libra Killer.

Despite being associated with the misnomer "Vigilante of Venus" alias, M'rrgla Qualtz is actually an alien from the Antares solar system.  According to Irma Geddon, M'rrgla isn't "technically female" even though her attractive humanoid appearance would suggest otherwise to a casual observer.  Her race has an 800 year life-span with a hibernation period occurring approximately half-way through their life.  During the ten year hibernation, they undergo a metamorphosis where they wake once a year and hunt/feed for three weeks before returning to their hibernation.  Unfortunately for humans, Antareans feed on Pinearin which is obtained from human pineal glands.  In the 1990's, this metamorphosis and need for Pinearin leads M'rrgla to decapitate approximately ten prostitutes in order to harvest their heads.  The metamorphosis results in M'rrgla becoming a giant green telepathic worm with purple ultra-thin monofilament tentacles/hair sprouting from her body which are capable of slicing between atoms.  In her worm form, she also has at least eight eyes (two under her mouth, six on the back of her "head") and a large gaping mouth filled with sharp teeth and surrounded by a number of insect-like arms.


First Appearance: Top 10 (1999) #5

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Issue Appearances:
Absolute Top 10 (2013)
Top 10 (1999)

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