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Centurion (Wolfman Creations)
Real Name: Paul Sands
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Superhuman Strength unmeasured, invulnerability, heightened reflexes, mastery of multiple martial arts and military combat skills.

Born a normal human man in 1920, Paul was part of a mission in the early years of WWII circa 1940. The mission was to investigate, and if necessary destroy a secret Nazi base in the South Pacific reportedly working on super weapons to be used against the US to prevent their entry into the war. Paul as part of a US Marine team, went in to set charges and destroy the German installation. On his way out after completing his portion, he encountered Nazi soldiers. He managed to overcome the enemy, but was shot in the process, slowing his escape. Paul did not make it off the island before the charges set by US forces detonated. The explosion caught him on the beach, forcing the secret chemicals, radioactive materials and unknown substances to penetrate his body. Paul awoke 3 days later out at sea, still alive and unharmed. After an encounter with a large shark, he discovered he was nearly impervious to harm, and possessing superior strength. He learned to use his new powers and became the first super powered individual in human history.

Over the years Paul battled enemy and evil forces as a super patriot, reinventing himself as a new incarnation or descendant of the original Paul Sands. He founded Sands’ Electronics, and in the early 21st century created a new thinking processor and took over the computer world. He turned Sands’ Electronics and his inventions into the world corporate giant ASTECH Enterprises. He now secretly funds the Centurions and leads a due life as the worlds most richest man, and it’s most powerful hero.

Paul is Married to Debra Foster Sands AKA Alpha and was known as the hero Liberty Sentinel in the 1950s

First Appearance: The Centurions (2006) #1

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Issue Appearances:
The Centurions (2006)

Group Affiliation(s):
Centurions (Wolfman Creations)

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