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Gremlin (Wolfman Creations)
Real Name: Amy O’Donald
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Gremlin has superhuman agility, heightened reflexes, endurance and physical strength that allow her to jump over 2 stories high. She has the ability to cling to most surfaces and has a prehensile tail with equal body strength to any of her limbs. Gremlin also by an unknown manner can alter her appearance to blend into her surroundings achieving near invisibility. She can also alter her physical appearance to imitate any person she has seen, or to achieve a normal human appearance.

Gremlin was born a normal health child, as she approached puberty her eyes began to enlarge and her skin took on a greenish tint. When puberty hit her skin took on a greenish hue and her tail grew within weeks of her first menses. She was home schooled and keep a secret by her family until her powers developed allowing her to lead and normal life. When her family mysteriously vanished she searched for them until a chance encounter with a religious organization gave her hope in finding them. Gremlin later learned they were falsely using her against the Centurions and were themselves responsible for her parents death.

Was initially tricked by The Order into working against the Centurions, only to be betrayed by the fanatic group and forced to undergo their experimentations. Current affiliations and whereabouts unknown

Appears in The Centurions (Wolfman Creations)

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