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Asajj Ventress

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It is unclear just what Ventress was, really, other than a "bad guy". Clearly, she knew of the Sith, and she had to know she was using the dark side of the Force, but she appeared to have labored under the misapprehension that Dooku was the Sith Lord. Else, she would not have been seen so often trying to win favor enough for him to make her his apprentice. The Clone War cartoons have her in frame with Sidious-by-hologram, giving instructions to Dooku, but her constant drive to be made Dooku's apprentice puts her understanding of the "big picture" in doubt. Her loyalties are very clearly to Dooku.

Her life in comic books extends further than her apparent life in the Clone Wars cartoons, where she was introduced. The ending of volume 1 of that series, in which Anakin kills Ventress, are definitely referenced in later issues of Republic. She was, indeed, star of the miniseries Obsession, in which her rise from the dead is chronicled as a pre-cursor to Revenge of the Sith.

As of 2005, she is currently shown in the comic books as having survived the encounter with Obi-Wan and Anakin--but perhaps being changed, somehow. As Dark Horse is apparently abandoning the prequel-era as of 2006, it may be some time before she reappears, and the mysterious ending of Obsession is continued.

For the time being, though, there is nothing in the comic books which prevents Ventress from popping up again as late as the New Republic era (that is, post-Return of the Jedi).


First Appearance: Star Wars: Jedi (2003) Mace Windu

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Star Wars Comic-Kollektion (2016)

Star Wars Sonderband (1999)
Star Wars: Age of Republic Special (2019)
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures (2004)
Star Wars: Jedi (2003)
Star Wars: Obsession (2004)
Star Wars: Republic (2002)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2010)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Sith Hunters (2012)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Character Encyclopedia (2010)

Group Affiliation(s):
Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS)

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