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Steve Gerber

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Steve Gerber was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and hired by Roy Thomas to work at Marvel Comics in New York City. After interviewing various celebrities about how they would be Santa Claus, he accepts an assignment from Roy Thomas to write for the new strip, Man-Thing, a character who had appeared only four times thus far.

Innediately after hanging up the phone, Steve is greeted by Dakimh the Enchanter, who tells him that the stories he is about to hear are true, he need only transcribe them and spin the stories to whatever moral direction he sees fit.

Thus, Steve told the stories of the Kales and their encounter with Thog the Nether-Spawn, the feud between racist cop Wallace Corlee and his black prisoner Mark Jackson, the turmoils or Richard Rory, and the machinations of Franklin Armstrong Schist, observing and commenting while Man-Thing becomes the final arbiter.

On vacation in the Everglades, he saved Richard by giving him two gallons of gasoline before heading to the Golden Grove Country Club, where they make him get a more conservative haircut and clothing. Nevertheless, Richard still recognizes him, and, his car being the same make, model, and color as the Foolkiller's gets him punched in the face. Steve understands the mistake and doesn't lose his sympathies for Richard, but when he becomes directly involved in the events, receiving the Nightmare Box Rory found from the psychotic Mr. Graybar, after which he is promptly assaulted by demons. With Dakimh's help, however, he passively destroys Thog's pyramid of Nightmare Boxes, then requests in writing to be taken off the book, because it has become too personal.

Although Steve was horrified to eventually see (and smell) the Man-Thing in person, he would return to the character several times, but shifted his focus to such things as being press manager when Howard the Duck ran for President of the United States.

When last heard from, Steve was hanging out in Hell with Yahweh, but about to leave after one last drink with Howard, Beverly, Omega the Unknown, Thundarr the Barbarian, and the Elf with a Gun before departing for Heaven with Yahweh.


First Appearance: Spoof (1970) #4

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Issue Appearances:
Howard the Duck (1976)
Man-Thing (1974)
Marvel Comics Presents (2012)
Marvel Treasury Edition (1974)
Spoof (1970)

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