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Nikos Aegeus

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Aegeus flies Pegasus, the mythological winged horse. He is also outfitted with a magic bow with arrows in the shape of thunderbolts.

Born in Greece, Aegeus appears to have had an uneventful childhood. As an adult, he became heavily involved in terrorist activities in his homeland and abroad. However, it has been discovered that he really did not support any particular terrorist cause; rather, he was more of an anarchist, cutting a swath of terror and destruction as a means of protesting government and capitalism in general…and because he thrilled in the sense of power it gave him.

One day, while escaping from the authorities, Aegeus attempted to hide out on a Greek island that was supposedly uninhabited, and there found a cave for shelter. In the cave, he discovered the immortal demigod Bellerophon, who had been imprisoned there by the Greek god Zeus many millennia earlier. At one time, Bellerophon had been a favorite of the Greek gods and had been given many gifts by them; however, a day came when Bellerophon fell out of favor with the gods, and he was blinded and left imprisoned in the cave from that day forward.

Aegeus freed Bellerophon from his chains, and as a reward for this kindness, Bellerophon gifted Aegeus with the winged horse Pegasus and with magical thunderbolts that had once belonged to Zeus himself, along with an enchanted mace created by Hephaestus. In a later visit to Mount Olympus itself, Aegeus entered into an alliance with ARES, GOD OF WAR, and was given another gift: Vulcan's daggers.

Using these gifts, Aegeus began a new reign of terror upon the world, which was opposed by Wonder Woman. Their initial skirmish ended when she was forced to break off her pursuit of him to save lives, and Aegeus escaped; in a later encounter, Aegeus was at last captured, but Wonder Woman, realizing that a trial would expose a scandal against U.S. Senator Abernathy and thus turn him into an innocent victim, reluctantly allowed Aegeus to go free minus his weapons.


First Appearance: Wonder Woman (1942) #297

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Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe (1985)
Wonder Woman (1942)

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