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Quicksilver (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Real Name: Pietro Lehnsherr
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Quicksilver can run at super-speed and also has a resistance to friction. He was capable of running at Mach 10 speeds as a teenager; now, he claims to be able to run so fast that he can only be seen on videotape if the tape is slowed down considerably.

Pietro has been verbally abused by his father, Magneto, for a considerable length of time. He feels that he needs to prove himself to his father, which often leads him to being overly cautious or unsure of himself.

The son of Magneto, Pietro joined the Brotherhood of Mutants with his twin sister, Wanda (Scarlet Witch). Nothing Pietro did was ever good enough for his father; many times, Magneto mocked or ridiculed Pietro, including calling his powers "effeminate." Warped by this verbal abuse, Pietro helped Charles Xavier and the X-Men defeat his father by removing Magneto's helmet.

Riddled with guilt, Pietro tried to recover his father's body when he discovered it was being transported by the US government. All he could find was the helmet, however.

After his father's "death," Pietro and Wanda assumed leadership of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Charles Xavier, whom they had always viewed as a surrogate uncle, encouraged the twins to engage in less violent actions, such as targeting financial institutions. Pietro did so, but this led to the Brotherhood losing many of its members. The twins also began working with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s "The Ultimates" in exchange for the release of political prisoners.

When it became apparent that Magneto was not dead after all, the twins both defected to the Ultimates permanently. Magneto, displeased with his son's perceived betrayal, shot him in the kneecaps. Although Pietro recovered from this, he still walks with a slight limp.

Pietro and Wanda's relationship in the Ultimate Universe is extremely close and intimate. Fans speculated that they were involved in an incestuous affair; this was confirmed in the third volume of the Ultimates.

The Ultimate version of this character is not an alternate identity of the regular Marvel character as the Ultimate universe is a distinct reality. See here for more information.

First Appearance: Ultimate X-Men (2001) #1

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Die Ultimativen (2002)
Marvel Deluxe - Ultimate (2010)
Marvel Milestones: Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, MIcroman & Mantor (2005)
Marvel Rampage (2004)
Official Handbook of the Ultimate Marvel Universe: The Ultimates & X-Men 2005 (2005)
The Ultimates (2002)
The Ultimates 3 (2009)
Ultimate Comics Ultimates (2011)
Ultimate Comics Wolverine (2013)
Ultimate Comics X-Men (2011)
Ultimate Fallout (2011)
Ultimate Fantastic Four (2004)
Ultimate Marvel Flip Magazine (2005)
Ultimate Power (2006)
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000)
Ultimate Vision (2007)
Ultimate War (2003)
Ultimate X (2010)
Ultimate X-Men (2001)
Ultimate X-Men (Marvel UK) (2003)
Ultimates 2 (2005)
Ultimates 3 (2008)
Ultimates Saga (2007)
Ultimatum (2009)

Group Affiliation(s):
Brotherhood of Mutants (Marvel)(Ultimate)
S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Ultimates (Marvel)(Ultimate)

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