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Chimera (G.I. Joe) (IDW)
Real Name:
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A former Green Beret and doctor, the man that would eventually title himself as 'Chimera' deserted from the Army and formed an energy company built upon a Ponzi scheme. When the scam collapsed, the man lost billions. He murdered his family at a home in Florida, killed others while stealing CIA materials and escaped the Las Vegas Center for Reconstructive Surgery, where he had his face changed. He was recognized by fellow patient Snake Eyes, recovering from an injury incurred during a recent highly classified mission, who remembered his pre-operation face from a mission in Central America, in the past. The deserter blew up the center, destroying all records and killing everyone, other than Snake Eyes. He then escaped to his home outside Dallas, Texas, a re-creation of Fallingwater, the famous Frank Lloyd Wright creation. There he stood off a joint ATF/Army CID assault, killing all and blowing up the house. He escaped and returned via his private jet to Las Vegas, intending to finish off Snake Eyes (whom had already reported him to Army CID). There, he encountered Connie, a former sergeant in the military police, who had taken Snake Eyes' place in the North Las Vegas Community Hospital's burn unit intensive care ward while Snake Eyes was secreted out. After killing Connie, Chimera chased Snake Eyes into the hospital's parking lot, but was delayed long enough by Snake Eyes and Duke, for them to make their escape. Chimera vowed vengeance. [G.I. Joe: Origins #1, IDW]


First Appearance: G.I. Joe: Origins (2009) #1

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G.I. Joe: Origins (2009)

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""That's right, you had best run, kiddies! I have remade myself. I'm ever-changing... elusive... unknowable! I'm a damned Chimera!""

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