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Siren (Monster in My Pocket)
Real Name:
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Siren refers to any of the daughters of Achelous and one of the Muses. These women were the handmaidens of Persephone and developed birdlike characteristics to seek her when Hades kidnapped her. Eventually they found themselves on a Mediterranean Island, stripped of their wings after a singing competition with the Muses. Their call to Persephone consistently lured sailors to their island, where the ships were smashed upon the rocks. Later embellishments to the myth depicted them eating the sailors or throwing themselves into the sea at failing to harm Odysseus or Jason, although the epic poems _The Odyssey_ and _The Argonautica_ record no response at all, just continued singing.

A single Siren was depicted allied with Warlock in the first two issues of the series, though she made no remarks and which Siren she is (thirteen names were recorded by various Greek writers, though rarely more than three or four by any one writer) or why she was allied with Warlock has never been revealed. Achelous can be seen and is identified by name in Argentine Monster in My Pocket sticker books. Presumably he is either allied with Warlock or there is a story.


First Appearance: Monster in My Pocket (1991) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Monster in My Pocket (1991)
Monster in My Pocket (Marvel reprint) (1991)

Group Affiliation(s):

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