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Ralph Caccone

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Ralph, having been neglected by his parents as a teen joined a New York street gang, before unceremoniously being kicked out of it for defending Frankenstein's Monster, who was being targeted by his gang.

Befriending the monster, he decided to bring him back to his house, where his father's lab was. His father, Steven, was a scientist who was working on perfecting cloning and Ralph thought maybe his dad could create a body for Frankenstein's Monster that wasn't so monstrous. As the two arrived at his father's lab they found his father dead, with his own creation, the Jigsaw Monster, having killed him. Ralph's mother Janice rushed into the room and was also killed by the monster. Heartbroken but knowing they needed to run, Ralph took Frankenstein's Monster out the back and into his van. The two ended up being pursued by Eric Prawn. An investigator hired by Veronica Frankenstein, the last descendant of the Frankenstein family, to bring the monster to her so she could restore his voice and help make up for the wrongs her distant relative Victor Frankenstein had done.

They were also being pursued by the terrorist organization known as I.C.O.N. who wanted the monster for themselves so they could use him in trying to create an army of monster super soldiers.

Ralph and Frankenstein's Monster were captured by I.C.O.N. and taken to their lab, where Prawn tried to rescue them, aided by an unexpected attack by the Jigsaw Monster who tracked Frankenstein's Monster and tried to kill him. The monster was able to kill the Jigsaw Monster and Prawn was able to get Frankenstein's Monster and Ralph out of I.C.O.N.'s grasp and all the way to the Swiss Alps where Veronica resided.

Veronica was able to restore the monster's voice, but not before I.C.O.N. attacked with their super soldier prototypes. Prawn and Ralph were able to hold them all back, but they sent a robot called the Berserker to capture Frankenstein's Monster. After destroying the robot, Frankenstein's Monster left, needing to be alone as he was no longer sure of what, or who he was.

Veronica's lover and lab assistant betrayed the group to I.C.O.N. and re-assembled the robot who promptly went after Frankenstein's Monster. Enraged, Ralph grabbed Prawn's gun (who had been injured by the robot) and went after the assistant, who was just boarding a helicopter with two of I.C.O.N.'s top agents. Ralph fired on the helicopter, causing it to explode and killing all three agents inside.

As the Frankenstein series was quickly cancelled after issue #18 (there was actually even a brief mention of "next issue" at the end of issue #18), Ralph's character was basically left hovering in limbo. Even though Frankenstein's Monster had a story line basically the same month in Marvel Team-Up, it was not a continuation of the story line left hanging in the Frankenstein series. Ralph has only been seen in brief flashbacks a couple of times since the series ended.

First Appearance: Frankenstein (1973) #13

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Issue Appearances:
Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988)
Frankenstein (1973)
Marvel Team-Up (1972)

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