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Stin Kinhepe
Real Name:
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Stin's life is key to the back story of Jawa culture. There was a time in the early years of his life--probably in the period of time around or before Episode II--when Jawas were not nomads. They lived in a place called Sanker's Mountain on Tatooine. Tusken Raiders (Sand People) attacked their stronghold, and the Elders of the village had to make a decision about how to respond. The then-young Stin was an influential member of the ruling elite, but his voice to stand and defend was not heard. He was outvoted by those wishing to flee. Jawas thus took to the deserts, living in a "rag-tag fleet" of Sandcrawlers. Stin disobeyed the wishes of the Elders, however, and refused to vacate Sanker's Mountain. With a few of his followers to support him, he fought back during a surprise attack as the rest of the Jawas attempted to flee. Most of the Jawas were in fact killed as they were running away. Because Stin stayed, fought, and won a small skirmish against some Tuskens, what Jawas remained were allowed to leave without further attack. The Tuskens respected "Stin's Last Stand"--and also figured they'd killed enough Jawas for them to no longer be a threat.

After that attack, Jawa culture was irrevocably changed. What was once a "united kingdom" was now a fragmented society of nomadic clans. Communication between the clans was effected by a series of "runners", who travelled between Sandcrawlers, giving news and enlisting aid when necessary. But the fragmentation was severe and debilitating to Jawa society. It would take the arrival of Imperial forces on Tatooine, and the leadership of the more hawkish Stin, to galvanize Jawa culture to a common cause once again.

According to the webcomic, Jawa Force, Jawa culture puts surnames first, making this character's given name, "Kinhepe".

It should be noted that nothing in this character's bio is "official" as far as LucasFilm or LucasBooks is concerned. He appears only in a fan-produced comic.

First Appearance: Jawa Force (1997) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Jawa Force (1997)

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