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Kai Justiss

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Kai had an experience of the Jedi Order that was closer to the true meaning of what it meant to be a Jedi in the Old Republic than, say, Anakin Skywalker. While Skywalker and Kenobi were known for their military exploits, Kai and his master, Ur-Sema Du had a mostly academic partnership. They worked for Jocasta Nu and the Jedi Library, cataloguing all manner of Force-sensitive creatures.

He was promoted to Jedi Knight with relative ease, only to find his contemplative life interrupted by the start of the Clone War.

His former master was called upon to serve at Geonosis, where she lost her life. The Council had to ask Justiss to, they believed, temporarily abandon his intellectual life, and serve on various military missions. During one to Drongar, he was held captive by Count Dooku, along with Masters Tsui Choi and Sian Jeisel.

Perhaps feeling affinity with Kai's preference for the study of nature, Yoda would later bestow great trust on the young Knight. Just prior to the events of Episode III, he named Justiss his successor as diplomatic envoy to Kashyyyk, a world near to the old Master's heart. Kai was present during the Battle of Kashyyyk depicted in the Episode III, from which he probably escaped with the help of Wookie friends, just as Yoda did.


First Appearance: Star Wars: Jedi (2003) Count Dooku

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Issue Appearances:
Star Wars: Jedi (2003)

Group Affiliation(s):
Galactic Republic (Old)
Jedi Order (Old)
Order 66 Survivors

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