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Luca Torelli

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Luca Torelli is born in Sicily circa 1903, to a poor, broken home marked by spousal abuse. His parents are presumed to be Vittorio Torelli and Luciana Petrosino, although it appears that his older brother's real father was actually their grandfather (who raped his own daughter) and it is implied that Luca's own biological father was the local mafioso kingpin, who raped Luciana in exchange for mediating peacefully in the conflict between the Torellis and the Petrosinos. Luca loses his older brother due to a severe beating by their drunken father, orchestrates a vengeance against the latter by using a vindictive neighbour as an unwitting agent, and finally witnesses their mother dying of sorrow upon her son's and husband's consecutive deaths, thereupon being fostered by his uncle Vincenzo. Involved in a vendetta, he has to flee for America as a teenager where he works as a shoe shiner, thereby meeting an abusive senior police officer named MacDonald whom he finally shoots (this is implied to be his first direct murder), being involved in other law infringements, such as bank robberies, which also happen to end in murders, and soon becoming a hit man ("torpedo" is 1920s slang for a contract killer). Some time later, he gets a sidekick called Rascal.

From here onwards it is difficult to maintain a linear narrative since no dates are given (aside from incidental details such as the Volstead Act, the outburst of the Spanish civil war and, later in the series, the Cuban revolution). Apart from Rascal and characters in flashback stories, there are few recurring characters and few dates are given for his present day stories. The only significant recurring character is a woman called Susan who consistently outwits Torelli. She appears in the first story by Bernet (De perro a perro), a second one still early on (La dama de los camelos), and one of the latest (El día de la mala baba). At least thirteen years are said to have passed between her second and third appearance; she is assumed to be a high-profile prostitute in the first two (whose services had been solicited by Torelli himself in the past), and a "reformed", recently widowed housewife and mother, who had presumably "fucked her [old and rich] husband to death", as Torelli puts it, in the third.


First Appearance: None listed.

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Issue Appearances:
Agentti X9 (2010)
Bernet (2003)
Blast! Magazine (1991)
Carlsen Pocket (1990)
Echo of Futurepast (1984)
The Mammoth Book of Best Crime Comics (2008)
Titanic Reeks (1986)
Torpedo (1988)
Torpedo (1993)
Torpedo (2006)
Torpedo (2010)
Torpedo 1936 (1984)
Torpedo 1936 (1986)
Totem el comix (1987)
Zack (1999)

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