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Kareel Odan

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Name of the symbiont of a Trill ambassador first introduced in the Next Generation episode, "The Host".

In the episode he had a brief affair with Crusher, and RIker was forced to temporarily host his symbiont to protect the life the symbiont. The symbiont was then placed into a female named Kareel.

Odan complicates Star Trek continuity quite a bit. The humanoid Trill species depicted in the Next Generation episode, "The Host", bears little resemblance to any other member of Trill society seen following the introduction of the Jadzia Dax character in Deep Space Nine.

To the extent that most casual Star Trek fans remember "The Gift", they either miss the fact that Odan is supposed to be of the same species as Jadzia, or they're able to see the differences for what they were: largely a behind-the-scenes change. After all, Star Trek has a history of "revamping" the look of aliens periodically. Klingons, for instance, underwent a sudden make-up change between the original series and all the other forms of Star Trek. This change went without comment from any episode of any series of Star Trek for almost 20 years. It went without official explanation for almost 30.

Still some fans are more bothered by these sorts of things than others. A good overview of the problem can be found here..

This essay is an interesting read, but it would be wrong to suggest that everything mentioned in the article is considered to be a problem by every fan.

For instance, the author says that Trills are named differently in the TNG episode than they are in DS9-era Trills. But that's only one interpretation. It's also possible to say that the male host in "The Gift" introduces himself and is referred to by the name of his symbiont, Odan, in much the same way that people often called Jadzia and Ezri "Dax" even in informal situations. We simply never learn the male host's first name before he dies. When the female host arrives, her name is given as "Janeel", but we never hear her referred to as "Odan". This can be interpreted as the symbiont having no name--which would contradict DS9 Trill society--or it can be simply that the male is always referred to by his symbiont's name, while the female is hardly in the episode long enough to do much more than give her first name.

All that said, the essay gives a good overview of the incongruity between the two depictions of Trills.

Of interest to this database is the fact that the problem is finally addressed, not in a movie or televised episode, but in a comic book. Wildstorm's miniseries, United We Fall, takes a stab at harmonizing the two disparate images of Trill society, by featuring Odan against the backdrop of a crisis on the Trill homeworld. The solution? Odan is given a "modern" Trill look.

First Appearance: None listed.

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Issue Appearances:
Star Trek: Divided We Fall (2001)

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1989)

Group Affiliation(s):
United Federation of Planets

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