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Power Girl (DC)
Real Name: Karen Starr (Kara Zor-L)
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Energized by the earth's sun, Power girl gains these incredible powers just like Superman. These include great strength, speed, invulnerability, and the ability to fly. Her senses include heat, microscopic, telescopic, x-ray vision, and super hearing. She also possesses arctic breath.

Her vulnerabilities have varied since 1986, too. Kryptonite has had no effect, and it has phased her in exactly the same way as it does Superman. Magic has been shown to be much more debilitating to her than to Superman, and has actually robbed her entirely of some of her powers for indeterminate lengths of time. One of her biggest weaknesses seems to be her thirst for a "normal" life, such as that which she sees Clark Kent having. The desire to "know who she really is" has been exploited by villains in ways not dissimilar to how villains who know Superman's secret identity will occasionally exploit Kal-El. Since she apparently has no childhood memories, she might be considered to be somewhat mentally unbalanced. Certainly, the fact that she did not grow up on Earth means that she bypassed early interaction with a human family, which most observers recognize as having been key to Kal-El's maturity into the the kind of hero he is. Though no less "heroic" and "instinctually good", Power Girl is frequently shown to alternate between bravado and melancholy, preventing her from using her tremendous power most efficiently.

Power Girl occupies a virtually unique place in the DC annals. She is one of the few DC characters who has a singular existence. Thanks to the events of Infinite Crisis, in which she played a starring role, it is now known that there was one and only one Power Girl in the multiverse.

While this might seem to make things simple, in fact it means that, depending on when a particular Power Girl story was published, she might appear to exist on a particular Earth, have a unique origin story, and generally display the characteristics of being a different person from a Power Girl that came before or after that particular story.

In truth, though, they're all the same girl.

The Power of myth
Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths, it was all very simple. Power Girl was simply the Supergirl of Earth-2. She was Kara Zor-L, just as the more familiar Earth=1 counterpart (with the obvious exception that she spelled her surname like her Earth-2 cousin, Kal-L).

But her personality was significantly different. Aggressive and somewhat ill-tempered, she tended to resist the Earth-2 Superman's attempts to mold her into a sidekick of his. She preferred to use her powers perhaps a little more impulsively than he, and certainly she was eager to be seen as a hero completely in her own right.

It is instructive to note that she was tutored on fighting styles and tactics by Wildcat, at the expense of a more Kryptonian approach to violence.

After COIE, her back-story was apparently dead. With no Earth-2, she could no longer logically have been "the Supergirl of Earth-2". Various explanations cropped up in the wake of Crisis to explain who she was. She was variously considered Superman's cousin, an Atlantean, and of completely unknown origin.

It was not until the events of Infinite Crisis that her true post-Crisis nature was revealed. As precursor to the brief re-opening of the multiverse, the Psycho Pirate, who was one of the few beings to still have a memory of the multiverse after COIE, revealed to her that she was in fact from Earth-2. Somehow, she alone among the inhabitants of Earth-2 had survived as the same person who had landed on Earth-2. Whereas other members of the Justice Society, like Alan Scott and Ted Grant, were people whose lives had been transplanted and integrated into the new, merged post-Crisis Earth, Power Girl was literally the very same person. She had somehow slipped through the cracks of the two universes and was now out of place.

Thus when Kara Zor-El arrived on the post-Crisis Earth, Kara Zor-L suddenly had a very big problem. They were the same person from different realities, and when they came into close proximity of each other, fireworks almost literally ensued. They shouldn't have been able to exist at all in the same universe, but somehow they did. Both versions of Kara, though, displayed strange fluctuations of abilities, with Power Girl's afflictions being shown in greater detail as the harbinger for Kara Zor-El's return.

How "secret" does an identity have to be?
Though she took a "secret identity" in the form of Karen Starr, it was a very open secret; she essentially gave up on protecting her identity, though it is not yet what might be called "common knowledge" to the person on the street of the DCU. She was almost always depicted as Power Girl, rather than Karen Starr.

She belonged to various super-groups over the years, including the original Justice Society, Infinity, Inc., the Justice League Europe/International, and the post-Crisis Justice Society of America. As of late 2006, it appears as though she will also become a member of the New Earth's Justice League of America.

Created by Gerry Conway.

First Appearance: All-Star Comics (1940) #58

Other Identities:
Nightwing (DC)(Post Crisis)(03 - Kara Zor-L)

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
52 (2006)
52: The Companion (2007)
52/WW III (2007)
Action Comics (1938)
Adam Strange Special (2008)
Adventure Comics (1938)
Adventure Comics (2009)
Adventures of Superman (1987)
All Flash (2007)
All-Star Comics (1940)
All-Star Squadron (1981)
Amazons Attack (2007)
Ambush Bug: Year None (2008)
America vs. the Justice Society (1985)
Aquaman (1994)
Arion the Immortal (1992)
Armageddon 2001 (1991)
Armageddon: Alien Agenda (1991)
Armageddon: Inferno (1992)
Avengers/JLA (2003)
Back Issue (2003)
Batman Sonderband (2004)
Batman: Bruce Wayne - Murderer? (2002)
Batman/Superman (2004)
Birds of Prey (1999)
Birds of Prey Secret Files 2003 (2003)
Black Adam: The Dark Age (2007)
Blackest Night (2009)
Blackest Night: Black Lantern Corps (2010)
Blackest Night: JSA (2010)
Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps (2009)
Blasters Special (1989)
Bloodbath (1993)
Body Doubles (1999)
Booster Gold (2007)
Brightest Day (2010)
Brightest Day: The Atom Special (2010)
Captain Atom (1987)
Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! (1982)
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Wonder Woman (1942)
Wonder Woman (1987)
Wonder Woman (2006)
Wonder Woman: Her Greatest Battles (2017)
Zero Hour: Crisis in Time (1994)

Group Affiliation(s):
Birds of Prey (DC)
Infinity, Inc. (01 - JSA Offshoot)
JSA All-Stars
Justice League Europe (DC)
Justice League International (DC)
Justice League of Amazons (DC)
Justice League of America (DC)
Justice League of Atlantis (DC)
Justice Society of America (DC)
Kryptonians (DC)
Sovereign Seven
Starrware Labs
Suicide Squad (DC)(04 - Gen. Rock's Squad)
Super Squad
Team Superman

Famous Quotes: - Add a Famous Quote
"You can call me Power Girl... It's as good a name as any other and it won't confuse me with my cousin. His name you already know... It's Superman."

"I may be Superman's cousin, but I'm not his carbon copy! I'm my own woman!"

"Power comes from self-reliance... and dignity."

"This costume only shows what I am. Female. Healthy. And Strong. If men want to degrad themselves by staring and drooling and tripping over themselves. That's their problem. I'm not going to apologize for it."

"to Superman "the first time I made this costume, I wanted to have a symbol, like you. I just…I couldn’t think of anything. I thought eventually, I’d figure it out. And close the hole. But I haven’t.""

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