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American Son (Marvel)(02 - Gabriel Stacy) - Comic Book DB

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American Son (Marvel)(02 - Gabriel Stacy)
Real Name: Gabriel Stacy
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Gabriel has injected himself with the Goblin Formula, and thus possesses the following abilities;

¡Superhuman Strength: The Goblin Formula fortified Gabriel's musculature, connective tissue, and bone structure, granting him superhuman strength. He possesses sufficient strength to lift in the 800 lbs-25 ton range.
¡Superhuman Stamina: The Goblin Formula increased the overall efficiency of Gabriel's musculature. As a result, his muscles produce less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the muscles of normal humans.
¡Superhuman Durability: The Goblin Formula fortified all of Gabriel's bodily tissues, making them far tougher and more resistant to injury than normal humans.
¡Superhuman Reflexes: Gabriel's reflexes are similarly enhanced by the Goblin Formula, and are superior to those of the finest human athlete.
¡Regenerative Healing Factor: Gabriel's Goblin Formula increased metabolism allows him to heal damaged tissue much faster and more extensively than a normal human is capable of.
¡Gifted Intelligence: The Goblin Formula enhanced Gabriel's mental capacities and creative talents, granting him a gifted intelligence.

¡Fighting Skills: Gabriel has had some training in hand to hand combat.
Strength level
He possesses sufficient strength to lift in the 800 lbs-25 ton range.

¡American Son Armor
¡Goblin Glider
Goblin Weaponry: Gabriel uses the same Halloween-themed gadgets as the other goblins, including;

¡Explosive Pumpkin Bombs
¡Bat-Shaped Razorblades
¡Finger-Mounted Lasers

Norman Osborn, also known as Spider-Man's enemy the Green Goblin, fathered twins, a boy and a girl named Gabriel and Sarah, with Gwen Stacy, to whom she gave birth while in France. Gwen vowed she would raise them with Peter Parker and refused to allow Norman access to them. Seeing her as a threat to his potential heirs, the Green Goblin killed Gwen and then raised the two children. Due to Norman's enhanced blood, the twins aged about 2-3 times faster than normal and became adults within the span of a few years. Norman Osborn told them that Peter was really their father and was responsible for their mother's death.

The twins then attacked Spider-Man. Peter Parker received an unsent letter written years ago by Gwen Stacy. He could tell that there were faint traces of writing on the other side, so he had tests performed on it by a forensics lab. The tests revealed text stating that Gwen had been pregnant and had twins. He collected DNA from the grave of Gwen Stacy and proved that the twins, Sarah and Gabriel were her children. Mary Jane then revealed that she had known for years that the father of Gwen's children was Norman Osborn. Peter became so enraged that he broke everything within reach. He met Sarah and Gabriel on the Brooklyn Bridge, the place of Gwen's death, to tell them that Osborn had been manipulating them. Angered, Gabriel remained convinced of Osborn's lies that Peter was their father, and that he had abandoned them. Sarah, on the other hand, believed Peter. Gabriel then attacked Spider-Man, but Peter refused to fight back since he didn't want to hurt Gabe. Police then shot at them, wounding Sarah and causing her to fall off the bridge. While Spider-Man rescued her, Gabe went underground to an area predetermined by Norman Osborn. There, he discovered that Peter had been telling the truth. He injected himself with the Goblin Formula and donned a gray version of the Green Goblin costume, becoming the Gray Goblin. Sarah shot at him (to protect a weakened Spider-Man), causing the Glider to blow up. He landed on a beach, with amnesia. He later returned home to Paris where Sarah secretly cared for him. While his sister left to be trained as an Interpol agent, Gabriel fled the Osborn estate in a crazed state.

Heroic Age
Gabriel had resurfaced having shot his half-brother Harry for having received a better life from their father. It shown that Gabriel had stolen the American Son armor, but currently suffering from split personality disorder. As himself Gabriel commits crimes while his 'American Son' persona undoes the damage Gabriel had caused, who identifies itself as the part of Gabriel that recognizes that what he is doing is wrong. Norman had later revealed to Harry that when he perfected the American Son formula he had removed any traces of the Goblin serum in his blood and injected the American Son formula in Gabriel and his sister; while it cured them both of the severe side-effects of the Goblin Serum, it left Gabriel more unstable and initially caused his other persona to emerge.

Gabriel overheard a planned ambush by a police squad and proceeds to attack them, before he can do any real damage however, he is stopped by Spider-Man. Later, after kidnapping a reporter named Norah and luring Harry to a vacant warehouse, Gabriel made another attempt on Harry's life. Harry manages to get into the warehouse and begins to fight Gabriel, while attempting to convince him that Norman is nothing but pure evil. Gabriel ignores him and continues to attack his brother; only for Harry to deactivate the American Son armor via remote. Gabriel and Harry are then caught in an insuing blaze as a result of the fight, but are saved by Spider-Man. Gabriel was then seen in a psychiatric hospital then recieving a package; containing the American Son helmet and a note from Norman. Gabriel reads the note saying that Norman loves and misses him.

Aliases: Grey Goblin

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Presents: American Son (2010) #1

Other Identities:
Gabriel Stacy (Marvel)

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Issue Appearances:
Age Of Heroes (2010)
Amazing Spider-Man Presents: American Son (2010)

Group Affiliation(s):

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"You. I'll finish what father should have!"

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