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Captain Marvel (Marvel)(05 - Phyla-Vell)
Real Name: Phyla-Vell
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After Genis-Vell, then known as Captain Marvel, previously destroyed and recreated the universe, the "new" version was subtly altered with Phyla-Vell's existence being one of the changes. It is revealed that she is the second artificially created offspring of Captain Mar-Vell who was created by her mother Elysius in the "new" universe because her first attempt (Genis-Vell) had been so successful. Initially her origin conflicted with previously established storylines, but this is resolved in Captain Marvel (vol. 6) #18 (February, 2004).

She fights her brother Genis-Vell, who was insane at the time, in the process helping to restore his sanity. She then tries to lay claim to the "Captain Marvel" title, though her brother refuses to give it up. Phyla is next seen at the trial of Starfox.

Phyla later appeared during Annihilation where she had been visiting her father's grave with Moondragon when the pair were attacked by Thanos who ripped off Moondragon's ear and gave it to Phyla, telling her to go to Drax the Destroyer and how his actions would determine Moondragon's fate shortly before teleporting away with Moondragon. Drax has indicated he will not be stopping his pursuit of Thanos.

Phyla then goes with Nova and Star-Lord to lead a final battle against Annihilus, being saved at the last second by a massive energy wave caused by the just freed Galactus, which left only the three heroes and Annihilus as survivors. Ultimately in the battle, Phyla manages to steal away the quantum bands that Annihilus took from Quasar, weakening him and allowing Nova to finally bring an end to the Annihilation Wave. She is then seen re-united with Moondragon, and deciding it's up to her to become the new Quasar.

The Captain Marvel (vol. 6) series heavily hinted that Phyla-Vell is a lesbian, and in #25 (September, 2004) the character admits that she is attracted to Moondragon and invites her on a tour of the "spiral nebula near Renault VII". Before Moondragon can accept the two wander through a portal.

Phyla had her own miniseries as the new Quasar, stating July through October of 2007, called:Annihilation: Conquest – Quasar. The series was written by Christos Gage who wrote Union Jack, penciled by Eric Basaldua from Top Cow, who’s worked on Witchblade and Magdelena, so he’s got a really good, dark, almost gothic style, which really works as we’re approaching Phyla as a sci-fi Joan of Arc. Where the love of Phylla and Moondragon was explored more. Phyla is finding it really hard to follow the footsteps of the former Quasar and also to follow in the Mar-Vell family’s footsteps. The story is a lot about her trying to handle this power, and seeing if she can contain it... She’s on a quest, and the object of the quest has real importance, not only to her, but to the entire, larger storyline." Phylla and her lover Moondragon follow a voice to find the saviour for the Kreerace who is attacked by the Phalanx. In the end it turns out 'the voice' is the Supreme Intelligance of the Kree, thanks to the Supreme Intelligence the find a coccon, in which Adam Warlock is restoring. The coccon breaks open and Phylla and Moondragon ask Warlock to help them fighting against the Phalanx. To be continued in the mini-series Annihilation Conquest.


First Appearance: Captain Marvel (2002) #16

Other Identities:
Martyr (Marvel)
Phyla-Vell (Marvel)
Quasar (Marvel)(03 - Phyla-Vell)

Favorite Characters:
Captain Marvel (Marvel)(05 - Phyla-Vell) is a favorite character of 1 user

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Issue Appearances:
Captain Marvel (2002)
Fantastic Four: The End (2007)
She-Hulk (2005)

Group Affiliation(s):
Eternals of Titan (Marvel)
Kree (Marvel)

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