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Shirlee Bryant

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Shirlee's "woman's intuition" was enhanced to the maximum, allowing her to memorize a thick technical book in less than an hour and possess an empathy for all living and mechanical things, sensing where they were weak or strong.

Shirlee's agility, reflexes, strength, and endurance were all at superhuman levels, as were her senses of vision, hearing, and smell.

The Cat costume had claws that could be used as weapons and as grappling hooks, as they could be fired from the wrists with a cable attached.

Shirlee's brief training meant she never fully mastered her new powers. Also, once she donned the "will nullifier" she had no regard for her own safety.

Shirlee Bryant was hired to be the "first lovely guinea pig" in a private physiological conditioning experiment conducted by University of Chicago Dr. Joanne Tumulo. The experiment was funded by Malcolm Donalbain, an eccentric physical fitness entrepreneur and sportsman. When Shirlee attained her full mental and physical potential, Donalbain had her dress in a cat-like uniform, consisting of a yellow full-body catsuit and cowl, blue clawed gloves and boots, and a blue sash. She was to be the prototype for an army of enhanced women who would work in Donalbain's health spas and clandestinely carry out his commands. Using the clubs as a front, Donalbain's force would slowly expand across the entire country. Unfortunately, during a test of her athletic abilities, Shirlee slipped and fell to her death.


First Appearance: The Cat (1972) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Giant-Size Creatures (1974)
The Cat (1972)

Group Affiliation(s):

Famous Quotes: - Add a Famous Quote
"This is really far out! I bet you're surprised I'm doing so well."

"Okay, okay -- I'll wear the mask, too -- but I still think it looks like a Hallowe'en costume!"

"...Yes, Mr. Donalbain...I am quite ready to do as you wish..."

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