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Blur (Marvel)(MAX)
Real Name: Stanley Stewart
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In the Earth-31916 universe, Stanley Stewart is a young African-American farm boy who gains superhuman speed as a result of a retro-virus that arrives on Earth at the same time as the alien Hyperion. Stanley initially decides to keep his powers a secret while he trains to be a hero. After gaining notoriety as an urban legend known as the "Atlanta Blur", Stanley is offered several product endorsement contracts. After enjoying a period of public celebrity and wealth, Stanley confronted by the hero Nighthawk, who accuses him of abandoning his dreams of being a hero. Stanley then decides to change his name to the Blur and forms an uneasy partnership with Nighthawk and Hyperion in order to stop a super-human serial killer. The Blur's partnership with Nighthawk ends when Stanley overhears Nighthawk describing him as a "house Negro." The Blur, however, continues to associate with Hyperion and act as a vigilante. After Hyperion's extraterrestrial origins were revealed to the media, the Justice Department investigate all super-humans with similar abilities and offer them amnesty if they identify themselves and agree to work for the Government.

The Blur later travels with the US-endorsed Squadron Supreme to Africa, to deal with an African general named John M'Butu, whose voice can compel obedience. The general is actually executed by a group of African super-humans, who after encountering the Blur make him question his allegiances. Although telling Hyperion that the two men live in "different worlds", the Blur still accompanies the team to the Ilam Province in Iran, where they have been ordered to stop a group of insurgents. Here he voices doubts about the morality of a squad made up of superheroes battling normal humans, however his doubts are silenced when Hyperion reveals a mass grave filled with the bodies of innocents directly below their feet. After the mission, the Blur discovers he has lost sponsors but gained several others. He also speaks with Nighthawk once again and asks him to join the Squadron, but Nighthawk refuses.

Soon after this the Blur participates in an accidental time-jump, and sees a future version of Hyperion using behavior modification technology on a team-mate. The Blur is imprisoned by Hyperion but spared from the same treatment.


First Appearance: None listed.

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
New Avengers (2013)
Saga of Squadron Supreme (2006)
Squadron Supreme (2006)
Squadron Supreme (2008)
Supreme Power (2003)
Supreme Power: Hyperion (2005)
Ultimate Mystery (2010)
Ultimate Power (2006)

Group Affiliation(s):
Squadron Supreme (Marvel)(Supreme Power)

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