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Larry Rambow

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As the Monster, Rambow absorbed heat and other forms of energy. He was surrounded by a sphere of raw energy that destroyed all it touched. He could project bursts of this same energy type. His energy also neutralized most other forms of energy and negated the function of electronic equipment.
In this form, he was virtually mindless, and attacked anything in his proximity.

Larry sought to help his father in the development of a device that could neutralize any weapon and thus make war impossible. Wearing a suit of armor designed by his father to protect him in case anything went wrong, Larry was nonetheless exposed to a powerful atomic blast when oxygen leaked into the test chamber and ignited the test energy. Larry was surrounded by destructive energy which left him virtually mindless, and he staggered from the blast site out into the city.

The explosion and Larry's subsequent rampage attracted the attention of the Invisible Girl. Larry's father arrived seconds later and tried to convince everyone that the "Monster" might an alien that could be trying to communicate with them. As the Torch flew overhead, his powers began to fade. Pulling back, he saw the "Monster," recognized it as the likely cause, and attacked it. His flame blasts were ineffective and he fell to the ground when his flame died out, drained by the Monster's energy. Sue formed a force field to try to contain the Monster while Johnny headed back to the Baxter building to recruit Reed to figure out how to stop the Monster.

The Monster soon overwhelmed Sue's force field, causing her to collapse. Reed arrived in time to shield Zolten from his rampaging son, and on questioning Rambow, Reed figured out he knew more than he was letting on. Zolten revealed the whole truth, and Reed then reminded him that they had always had the policy of making a failsafe device. The Torch took Zolten back to his lab to retrieve the device, while Reed contained the Monster, subjecting himself to its deadly power. When Zolten returned, Reed started to set the machine, but then collapsed from his injuries. Zolten activated the device, which successfully returned Larry to normal. Larry's mind began to clear, and he commented that he felt like he was awakening from some terrible nightmare. As his father collapsed from stress, Larry rushed to his side and accompanied him to the hospital.


First Appearance: Fantastic Four (1961) #105

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Issue Appearances:
Fantastic Four (1961)

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