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Synn (AC Comics)
Real Name: Silvia Synn
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Because of a freak synergystic reaction of hallucinogenic chemicals, high voltage electricity, and her own personality, Sylvia Synn was endowed with superior mental powers such that she can turn any thought into solid, physical reality.

Due to her abusive childhood and the toll taken by years of substance abuse, Synn's cognitive abilities are nearly always unfocused. She may conjure up just the object she needs to get herself out of a tight spot, or she may bring her worst nightmare to life. Due to their unstable nature, Synn's powers can make her as big a threat as any villain. Fortunately, Synn's psychedelic constructs only exist on the three dimensional plane while she is concentrating on them. If she becomes distracted, her creations simply cease to exist. With her very short attention span, Synn is very easily distracted. On the other hand, any influence that her dream creations have on the real world around them is permanent. Synn can think up a giant pink butterfly and have it carry you off to the highest mountain peak in Tibet. When she stops thinking about the butterfly, it's gone. But you're still stuck on that mountaintop!

Though completely innocent, pure and good, Synn's simple nature and tragic background leave her painfully gullible and totally trusting, so she remains at risk of manipulation by a stronger personality.


First Appearance: None listed.

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Issue Appearances:
Femforce (1985)
Femforce: Night of the Demon (1990)
Nightveil (1984)

Group Affiliation(s):

Famous Quotes: - Add a Famous Quote
"Cool Beans!"

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