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Vicki (Doctor Who)
Real Name: Vicki Pallister
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Vicki was a Human from Earth found orphaned on a deserted planet by the First Doctor, Ian and Barbara. She possessed an incredibly quick analytical mind, and was seemingly, if inexplicably, familiar with the underlying concepts of space/time travel. However, her IQ was often masked by her innocence, youth, and innate sociability. She was, in other words, hardly a geek, so much as effortlessly clever.

Ostensibly a similar age to the recently-departed Susan, she holds the distinction of being the first companion in Doctor Who history who wasn't a part of the original cast.

During her time with Ian and Barbara, she occupies a very similar narrative space to Susan, making some fans overlook her as a simple "replacement". However, with the arrival of Steven and the departure of Ian and Barbara, Vicki became, in effect, the "senior" companion. Since Steven, too, was fairly young, her youth was downplayed after Steven's arrival. The pair quickly settled into a lively, bickering relationship akin to that between siblings. Gone was the young, inexperienced girl, replaced instead by a "bossy sister".

Vicki left the TARDIS on an adventure during the Trojan War. In Troy, she met and fell in love with Troilus, for whom she left the First Doctor and Steven. Since her home time period was the late 25th century, she certainly holds the title amongst the Doctor's human companions for greatest temporal offset between arrival and departure. She left the Doctor at a moment in history that was almost 4000 years prior to her own birth.

Vicki's last name was never given on television or in comics. However, it is known that she was probably known as "Cressida" for the majority of her life after leaving the TARDIS. "Cressida" was a cover she had adopted during her final adventure, in order not to draw attention to herself. The audio play, "Frostfire", suggests that the name stuck for the rest of her life.

First Appearance: None listed.

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Issue Appearances:
Doctor Who Magazine Special (1980)
Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time (2013)

Group Affiliation(s):
Doctor Who companions

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