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SuperPro (Marvel)
Real Name: Phillip 'Phil' Grayfield
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Enhanced strength, stamina and speed.

Bad left knee.

An All-American linebacker at Notre Dame, Phil Grayfield was the NFL's #1 draft pick upon graduation and was drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles. On the first day of training camp, his knee popped, puting him on the disabled list for the season.
The next year, his leg broke in the Eagle's first exhibition game against the New York Giants, putting him on the disabled list for the season once again.
His third year as a pro, he was dropped by the Eagles but was picked up by the Chicago Bears where he developed a friendship with his teammate, Ron Macedon. During training camp, Grayfield saved Macedon's son, Jeremy, from falling from the top of the bleachers. Unfortunately, Grayfield's knee popped again, ending his football career.
While recovering, Grayson was hired by Sports Inside as an investigative reporter. During an intervie with reclusive football memorabilia collector, Rudy Custer. Grayfield, however, was followed to Custers home by a group of thieves. The thieves kidnapped Custer, stole most of his collection, and set fire to his home, leaving Grayfield tied up inside. Grayfield was exposed to a experimental liquified plastic compound, chemical fire retardant, gasoline and chemicals from old film giving him enhanced abilities alowing him to free himself. He donned an experimental "football uniform of the future" invented by Custer, escaped the fire and apprehended the thieves, rescuing Custer. At this point Grayfield began his career as the super-hero, NFL SuperPro.

Character's name is "SuperPro". "NFL" is used only in the title of his comic.

First Appearance: NFL SuperPro (1991) Super Bowl Special 01

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Issue Appearances:
NFL SuperPro (1991)

Group Affiliation(s):
Chicago Bears
Philadelphia Eagles
Sports Inside (Marvel)

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