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Number One Fan (Marvel)
Real Name: Rick Chalker
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+ Claws
+ Implants

Family of Rick was Vic Chalker & Dick Chalker (Carnivore). Family of mutant hating geniuses who tried building suits so they could reduce the mutant population. Vick & Rick died when their suits malfunctioned, without even coming near a mutant.

Rick Chalker was a scientist who got mad. His cousin Dick Chalker (Carnivore) was killed during his self proclaimed crusade against mutants. Well, his cousin was hit by a truck before the crusade started, but why pick nits? To achieve his revenge, he holed up in his ultra impenetrable lab and had his robot assistant amputate his hands and install giant propeller blades in their stead. Flushed with the power of his propeller hands, he proceeded to chop his assistant to pieces. It was only after this that he realized he could not exit his ultra impenetrable lab because with his hands replaced by fan blades, he could not hit the exit button. Undone by his own ingenuity, in a moment of clarity he struck himself in the forehead. In his attempt to perform the universal symbol for DUH! he forgot one tiny detail. He, instead of the palm of his hand, used his new propeller appendage to do the forehead tap, thus cutting his career short.

Rick was one of those resurrected by Satannish to battle X-Factor, along with his brother Vic Chalker, and cousin Dick. During the battle, he was slapped around by Quicksilver before finding the stunned Wolfsbane and trying to behead her. Quicksilver came to her rescue and batted the Fan-boy aside. He later attempted to catch his brother Vic, leading to it hitting the fan, so to speak. Vic responded by cutting Rick in half with a laser. The three Chalkers were never seen again.

Number One Fan died in X-Factor #83.

First Appearance: X-Factor (1986) #83

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Issue Appearances:
X-Factor (1986)

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""Don't you dare pity me, mutant!" -- Vic Chalker"

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