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Det. Schaefer
Real Name: Schaefer
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Schaefer's strength and stamina are both in the top of their classes thanks to his time as a body builder. He's also a crack-shot with a gun thanks to his training with the NYPD. He's an on-his-feet thinker who improvises quickly when the situation warrants, and is loyal to his friends almost to a fault.

Schaefer's driving quest to learn what happened to his brother is easily manipulated by others; dangling information on Dutch in his face causes him to completely lose his cool and has resulted in his involuntary recruitment to fight the Predator aliens on several occasions.

Schaefer also doesn't care for the rulebook, and is perfectly happy to violate procedures, kick down doors, and make life a living hell for his superiors at the precinct, which has resulted in him being branded a loose cannon and having very few friends.

Det. Schaefer is the older brother of Major Dutch Schaefer, a special operations soldier who disappeared during a rescue mission in Colombia.

Since his brother's disappearance, the detective kept his eyes and ears open to any news but learned nothing until a group of aliens decided to go trophy hunting in New York City. Their appearance brought out the military, and the general in charge of sending Dutch on his last mission.

Since then, Schaefer has been tearing across the world waging a one-man war against the monsters who attacked his brother, and against the bureaucrats and politicians who covered everything up.

So far, he's managed to outwit and destroy every Predator alien he's come across from New York to Colombia to Siberia, but he's no closer to finding the answer to his brother's whereabouts than he was when he first started back in that hot summer of the 1990s.

Schaefer's first appearance is Predator: Concrete Jungle #1.

First Appearance: Predator (1989) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Predator (1989)
Predator Omnibus (2007)

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