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Real Name: Czorn Yson
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Die-Cut has a blade, his pscythe, connected to the back of his left wrist; it can slice through virtual all forms of matter and/or energy. It can even be used to open portals through space, into other dimensions, and possibly through time, as well. The Pscythe can also be used to excise memories or other such intangibles.

Czorn Yson is a mutant from the planet Ganalon. The Ganalonians have been engaged in a war with a race of cyborgs for centuries. Yson enlists as a solider in the battle against the cyborgs; it is from his experiences that he gains a pathological hatred of all things mechanical.

Yson is captured by the cyborg forces and tortured for information. He successfully blocks their mental probes by feigning schizophrenia, but eventually slips into true madness. When the Minion cyborg, the future Death's Head II, arrives to assimilate his personality, Yson willingly submits in order to end his torture.

Years later, Death's Head II is infected with a type of a computer virus known as a purging program, which forces some of his assimilated personalities to emerge. Czorn Yson is one of those personalities. Death's Head II is eventually forced to allow Yson's personality to temporarily take over, whereupon Yson manages to create a new, enhanced body and download his personality into it. Now calling himself Die-Cut, the insane mutant cuts Death's Head into two. He eventually regains his insanity, and sets off on a quest to destroy all cyborgs.


First Appearance: Death's Head II & The Origin of Die Cut (1993) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Death's Head II & The Origin of Die Cut (1993)
Die Cut (1993)
Die Cut vs. G-Force (1993)

Group Affiliation(s):

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