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Phantom Eagle (Counter-Earth)
Real Name: Lloyd Bloch
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None. However when Bloch possessed a moonstone gem he could fly, become intangible, create laser bursts from his hands, and emit blinding light flashes. However Bloch lost this power when Moonstone removed his moonstone gem from him.

Little is known about the history of Counter-Earth’s Phantom Eagle. It is known that at some point in time he was empowered by a moonstone gem and joined Counter-Earth’s Thunderbolts. When the Thunderbolts defeated Counter-Earth’s Thunderbolts, Lloyd Bloch (Phantom Eagle) grew insanely jealous of Moonstone to the point that he would envision the two of them romantically together. Phantom Eagle began to rape and murder women while subconsciously believing them to be Moonstone. This lead to Earth’ Thunderbolts, who had now become Counter-Earth’s heroes, to investigate. Not realizing Dallas Riordan had the powers of Atlas, Phantom Eagle attacked her and quickly ran away once he found out about her powers. Knowing who the murderer was, the Thunderbolts laid a trap for him. Phantom Eagle played right into the trap and as a result Moonstone removed his moonstone gems, leaving him powerless and infused it with herself just as she had done with the Earth’s Lloyd Bloch. Bloch was then taken into custody and imprisoned until Moonstone freed him, telling him that Counter-Earth doesn’t need prisoners, but instead needs workers and that he could stay and get help to be productive. It is unknown what Bloch decided to do and his current whereabouts are unknow


First Appearance: None listed.

Other Identities:
Moonstone (Marvel)(01 - Lloyd Bloch)

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Issue Appearances:
Thunderbolts (1997)

Group Affiliation(s):

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