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General Jeremy Clarke (Marvel)

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Little in known of the background of General Jeremy Clarke; statistical facts such as his place of birth, real name, political affiliation or closet blood relative have not been disclosed. Clarke helped convinced the Canadian Government for Canada to become a major player in the super hero arms race. During the time as a Major, Clarke was working on the Cosmic Collector and was ordered by the government to seize any further construction on it. Annoyed, Clarke still activated the Collector and this action threatened all of Orloo, Ontario and was almost responsible for a catastrophic event, which he was near responsible for a mini-black hole created on Earth. However, his actions resulted in the transformation of the hero Chinook into a hideous monster. Clarke instigated the controversy surrounding the installation of the Roxxon Biochip Implants into the bodies of the super humans serving in Department H and its premier team, Alpha Flight. When James Hudson Mac discovered that the implants could be used to monitor and manipulate Alpha Flight's members, Hudson refused to have them implemented. Clarke's machinations easily surpassed Hudson's naivete. In his role as the military supervisor for Department H, Clarke publicly called for the biochip program's termination and asked Hudson to lead Alpha Flight. He terminated the employment of Chasen, who at the time was the government liaison for Alpha Flight, and placed full blame for the invasive natures of the Roxxon biochips on Chasen. This worked to win Hudson's confidence. Clarke asked Hudson to create his own biochip, with sole use as a communication device. However, working with Chasen, Clarke succeeded in tricking Hudson into installing the Roxxon biochips to keep track of the paranormals all the time. Alpha Flight members Sasquatch, Aurora, Northstar and Puck all had these chips implanted behind their ears.

Department H was later disbanded due to budget cuts in the Canadian government. Alpha Flight continued as an association of heroes who had formerly served the Canadian government's Department H, but without funding or direct accountability to Canadian ministries. Years later, Jeremy Clarke again headed the renewal of Department H. While Parliament was in discussions about the fate of Alpha Flight and Department H, Clark personally allowed Talisman, Shaman, Aurora and Sasquatch clearance for a mission on American soil to save Puck from the Master. Clarke spearheaded accusations against Alpha Flight, stating that Alpha Flight needed the government and should abide by the government guidelines. From that hearing, Alpha Flight again became government become operatives. Department H again served as a support function for Alpha Flight, once again funded by the Canadian government.

When Vindicator reported to Clarke about the Latverian Liberation Front terrorist group attack in Newfoundland, Clarke sent Alpha Flight as guardians for Dr. Doom during trade talk negotiations between Canada and Latveria.

Clarke recognized opportunity to gain further control over Department H when he witnessed spouses Vindicator (Mac Hudson at this time) and Guardian (Heather Hudson) sparring as a marital argument escalated. Looking to increase the rift between the "cold fish and ice maiden" spouses, Clarke asked Mac to regain control of Alpha Flight from Heather. In this same period, Clarke covertly fostered Canada's Hagon's Superhero Bill.

During this time, Clarke served as the military liaison for Alpha Flight while Kerry Patrick served as a general government liaison. Clarke gave Alpha Flight the tour of the new Department H Building, while seemingly instigating a feud with Kerry. This animosity seemed to have passed as the two men expressed their regards to Hudson's widow Heather Hudson at the apparent second death of her husband.

Clarke's plans and history have always been shrouded in mystery, and the extent of his machinations among Canada's superhumans remains unknown. He knew the origins of Wild Child, when Vindicator approached Clarke about learning Wild Child's past. Clarke rose through Canadian ministries to gain complete control of the Super Human Development & Deployment Division. Clarke was responsible for the disbanding of the original Alpha Flight following a battle with the Master that once again restored Mac Hudson among the living.

Some time before or during the renewed government sponsorship of Alpha Flight and Department H, Clarke represented a more covert superhuman military operation, Department K, which sponsored its own team of paranormals separate from and unknown by Alpha Flight, Weapon P.R.I.M.E. P.R.I.M.E.'s first assignment dictated the capture Cable. Clarke also dispatched P.R.I.M.E. to capture Northstar in order to remove Northstar from the public eye under Military Ordinance B-6345. Beyond the involvement of Clarke, the extent of overlap in funding and personnel of Departments H and K remains unclear. As director of Department H and seemingly all of Canada's paranormal operations, Clarke reinstating a new Alpha Flight that only vaguely resembled prior versions of the team. By this time, power had apparently absolutely corrupted Clark. The new Alpha Flight included brainwashed former members Heather Hudson and Puck. Clarke hired the Zodiac to test the new Alpha Flight team in the field; The Zodiac kidnaped and brainwashed Madison Jeffries during this operation. Clark presided over for the Prometheus Division, which created a clone of James Hudson aged at nineteen years, and attempted the disposal the real James Hudson by lethal means. Clarke's manipulation of the new Alpha Flight included erasing pieces of their memories and altering them to make them more complacent. Operations under Clarke fed Alpha Flight intentionally erroneous information to manipulate the already brainwashed team into capturing Wolverine. Clarke also wanted Alpha Flight to bring in Kane, Deadpool and Maverick. Alpha Flight, however, proved too difficult to control; Clarke manipulated Doctor Haddock to trick Alpha Flight in entering the Microverse. Clarke felt a new face was coming to Department H and didn't want Alpha Flight there when it comes.

In an attack on Department H, the Zodiac threatened to destroy all of Ottawa by means of a tampered nuclear reactor. Clarke worked with Heather Hudson to shut down the reactor. The Zodiac activated a fail-safe seemingly incinerating Clarke in the reactor chamber. Especially considering Clarke's past employment of the Zodiac, the absolute truth of his demise has yet to be proven.


First Appearance: Alpha Flight (1983) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Alpha Flight (1983)
Alpha Flight (1997)
Alpha Flight: In the Beginning (1997)
Cable - Blood and Metal (1992)
Northstar (1994)
X-Force (1991)

Group Affiliation(s):
Department H (Marvel)
Department K

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