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Toxic Avenger
Real Name: Melvin Junko
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Berserker Strength
Chemical Absorbtion
Danger Sense
Super Strength
Unarmed Combat

Melvin Junko, also known as Melvin "the Mop Boy" worked at the Tromaville center for fitness as a janitor. Scrawny, Weak, Ugly, and somewhat slow Melvin was always the butt of cruel jokes and mean spirited pranks. Particularly from an unruly group of four seriously troubled punks named Bozo, Slug, Wanda, and Julie. They torture poor Melvin daily, both mentally and physically. everyday their pranks elevate to a slightly more violent level. Julie eventually comes to Melvin in private proclaiming that she is fed up with Bozo's disgusting behavior and that she wants a more sensitive and caring boyfriend, and that she has always thought that Melvin was cute. She tells him that her favorite color is pink, and that she will only make out with him if he is wearing pink. This causes Melvin to protest that pink is a "Sissy" color, but ultimately he ends up putting on a pink ballerina outfit complete with a fluffy pink tutu. She then proceeds to entice him, and convince him to meet her in the pool area in the dark. Melvin finds his way to through the dark to what he believes is Julie, only to have the lights turned on and it is revealed that he has been kissing a sheep. The entire group of bullies plus all of the people working out at the gym are staring and laughing. He attempts to run away in shame, only to be chased by Bozo and gang until he falls out of the window and into a barrel of toxic waste sitting on the back of a waste disposal truck which has been illegally parked in front of the gym, due to the negligence of the drug addicted drivers. His flesh begins to mutate as he catches on fire. Melvin makes his way back home and tries to wash the chemicals from his body but only succeeding in making the issue worse. he passes out and when he awakes, he has been transformed into a mutant monster of superhuman size and strength known as the Toxic Avenger, affectionately nicknamed "Toxie".

Created by Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz, Joe Ritter, and Jennifer Aspinall.
In the first film and some other material, his last name is Ferd.
In the Toxic Crusaders series, he is called the Toxic Crusader.
He has also appeared in Cracked (Vol. 1) #351. He was going to appear in RoboCop (1990) #25 (since they were both edited by Rob Tokar at Marvel), but that series was cancelled before the issue could be produced.

First Appearance: Toxic Avenger (1991) #1

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Issue Appearances:
3D Cowboy's Cosmic Convict Challenge(rs) (2016)
Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special (1990)
Hack/Slash: The Series (2007)
Lovebunny & Mr. Hell (2002)
Marvel Age (1983)
New Adventures of the Toxic Avenger (2000)
Supernatural Law (1999)
The New Adventures of The Toxic Avenger (2003)
The Toxic Avenger and Other Tromatic Tales (2007)
Toxic Avenger (1991)
Toxic Crusaders (1992)
War of the Independents (2011)

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