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Stryke (EH Productions)
Real Name: Jacklyn Mitchell
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Stryke's skill in the martial arts, both armed and unarmed, have been honed to Olympic levels through years of training which frequently crossed the line from 'intense' to 'sadistic.' Her stamina, agility, and fortitude allow her to succeed in situations that would leave lesser fighters in pieces.

Stryke is stark-raving nuts to put it mildly. The mental and physical abuse heaped upon her by Roman Von Drake have created a savage, remorseless, sociopathic shell of a woman. She's dangerous, but overconfident in her abilities. She's also utterly obsessed with killing her sister, Razor, whom she blames for not protecting her from Von Drake's men the day their father was murdered. She's good at killing, but stunted in virtually every other area of her psychological development.

Jacklyn Mitchell was just a normal girl in a normal family, or so she thought before her father was killed in front of her eyes by the ruthless crime lord Roman Von Drake. After murdering her father, Von Drake took the young Jacklyn as his own daughter, trained her to be an assassin, and used her to spread terror through all of Queen City. After proving her worth, Von Drake charged her with killing Razor, the biggest thorn in the side of his criminal empire.

Von Drake's hold on Jacklyn weakened after she discovered Razor was her own sister, and eventually, working together, the pair murdered the psychopath who took their innocence so many years ago. Stryke was presumed killed in the encounter, but later resurfaced as a wild card.

She now hires herself out as a mercenary assassin, willing to work for anyone as long as the money's good. She and Razor still cross blades from time to time, but she's willing to lay aside her mad grudge against her sister when circumstances dictate.


First Appearance: Razor (1991) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Lethal Strike (1995)
Lethal Strike/Double Impact: Lethal Impact (1996)
London Night Studios: Bibliography (1998)
Razor (1991)
Razor (1996)
Razor: Archives (1997)
Razor: Burn (1994)
Razor: The Furies (2000)
Razor: Torture (1995)
Razor: Uncut (1995)
Ultimate Strike (1997)

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""Adequate," my ass. There's nobody better and you know it."

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