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Alex London

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As a police detective, Alex London is well versed in the arts of his day job: gathering evidence, interrogating suspects, putting together the pieces when the puzzle doesn't seem to make any sense. His easy-going attitude and willingness to talk with and not down to witnesses give him leads other detectives might be unable to pursue. With the resources of the Queen City PD behind him, he's able to get the dirt on almost anybody and his tenacious nature means he doesn't willingly back down from a potential confrontation. London's a competent marksman with his firearm, visits the gym often enough to maintain his well-built physique, and doesn't take crap from anyone--just the sort of guy you'd want on your side if you're one of the good guys, and an absolute nightmare if you're playing on the opposite team.

London's bulldog-style detective work has won him the respect of his peers, but has also put him at odds with some of the most dangerous felons in Queen City. Roman Von Drake especially isn't interested in the detective's meddling, and if London isn't careful he could find himself facing down enemies with no interest in fighting fairly, either in court or on the streets. And while he's capable of defending himself, his loved ones (especially his wife and son) are more helpless targets for the rage of someone who wants to see London hurt.

Alex London's a veteran detective of the Queen City police department's Homicide Division. When large numbers of bodies belonging to the dregs of society start turning up in his streets and alleys, London's investigations keep bringing him back to the same suspect: Razor, a female vigilante dressed in black, armed with an assortment of bladed weapons.

One of London's crime scenes turns up significant evidence that Razor is none other than Nicole Mitchell, daughter of a man murdered over a decade ago by Roman Von Drake. Now faced with a dilemma, Alex London has to decide which is better for his city: enforcing the laws he's sworn as a cop to uphold, or assisting Razor in her crazy scheme to destroy Von Drake and his criminal empire.

Alex London's first appearance is in Razor #2.

First Appearance: Razor (1991) #2

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Issue Appearances:
Razor (1991)
Razor: Archives (1997)
Razor: Uncut (1995)
Razor/Dark Angel: The Final Nail (1994)

Group Affiliation(s):

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"I've got a date with a couple of killers. I just hope I'm not too late!"

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