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Warden Gregory Wolfe

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Gregory Wolfe is the best-known warden of Iron Heights, the metahuman-capable prison standing just outside of Keystone City. As a prosecutor in St. Louis, Wolfe was known for his ruthlessness both in his attitude toward criminals and his controversial methods of evidence-gathering. His success, and his friendship with the governor, brought him the job of Iron Heights’ warden.

Iron Heights changed considerably under Wolfe’s direction, especially regarding its metahuman prisoners. He adopted a Machiavellian approach, justifying a number of means by the end of keeping the prisoners incarcerated. He had new lock-down facilities built, moved the super-criminals underground, and instituted systematic brutality and “shoot-to-kill” directives.

After the third Flash entered the prison to halt a viral outbreak (see Murmur), he discovered the way prisoners were being treated. The Flash criticized the prison’s policies on a number of occasions, and Wolfe lost some of his respect for Keystone’s resident hero. He attempted to hide certain abuses (such as the use of prisoner Fallout to power the prison) when the Flash tried to expose him.

Wolfe also possessed a secret weapon: the metahuman ability to tighten or relax selected muscles in anyone he sees. Most often he used it to create painful muscle spasms. He never hesitated to use this on prisoners, guards...or even the Flash himself.

Wolfe appears to have died during a botched prison break staged by the Outsiders.* The warden stepped in to stop a riot by low-level metahuman prisoners, using his secret ability. The Outsiders were caught in the middle, and Shift attempted to counter him by filling the room with a gaseous muscle relaxant. Wolfe only pushed back harder. He overextended his power, killing over forty prisoners and guards


First Appearance: The Flash: Iron Heights (2001) OGN SC

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Issue Appearances:
Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge (2008)
Outsiders (2003)
Suicide Squad (2001)
The Flash (1987)
The Flash Secret Files (1997)
The Flash: Iron Heights (2001)

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