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Jack the Ripper (Marvel)
Real Name:
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The being that history knows as Jack the Ripper is actually a number of parasitic creatures that hailed from the Dark Dimension. Over a century ago, the lord of the Dark Dimension Dormammu sent one of these entities to the Earth dimension where it took root in the body of a 19th century Englishman named Tom Malverne. Malverne already demonstrated sociopathic tendencies, but the entity manipulated his scarred psyche, prompting him to commit acts of brutal murder. Active in the largely impoverished Whitechapel area and adjacent districts of London, England in the later half of 1888, Malverne murdered at least five prostitutes. His identity was unknown to Scotland Yard, but the Central News Agency took to calling him Jack the Ripper. What became of Tom Malverne following the 1888 murders is largely unknown. Presumably, the parasite abandoned the Ripper's body upon the death of the host.

In 1932, the parasitic entity was imprinted upon another man who pantomimed the actions of Jack the Ripper. This man was named Phillip and he was a lover of Fah Lo Suee, the immortal daughter of Chinese crime lord Fu Manchu. According to Fah Lo Suee, her father had intimate knowledge of the original Jack the Ripper and likely even knew his true nature and identity. Whether such knowledge was indeed factual is a matter of speculation, but what is known is that Phillip continued the Ripper's work in Whitechapel for several decades.

In 1945, criminal sorcerer Terdu pulled Jack the Ripper out of the past along with Captain Kidd, Blue Beard, and the James brothers to assist the criminal operations of "Terrible Tom" Garrett. They were opposed by Captain America and Bucky who banished Jack and his time displaced allies back to their proper places.

In the late 20th century, the Deviant scientist Zakka used a device called a Time Projector to pull the Tom Malverne Ripper from the 19th century into modern New York. Despite the sudden change in his surroundings, Jack was still consumed with the same bloodlust that always governed his actions. He began stalking a young woman in a Manhattan apartment building, but the Eternals known as Thena and Ransak the Reject intervened and saved the would-be slasher victim. Ransak disarmed the Ripper and was prepared to finish him off using the villain's own cane-sword, but just as suddenly as he appeared, Jack the Ripper returned to his normal time era.

Another incarnation of the Ripper was also pulled forward in time to Earth-7592 where he killed the vampire David.

Some years later, the Phillip Ripper was rumored to be hunting young women in Whitechapel once again. MI-6 agent Leiko Wu baited the Ripper into a trap, but almost lost her own life in the process. Her lover and colleague Shang-Chi came to her rescue and defeated the Ripper. Fah Lo Suee appeared on the scene, and promised to look after Phillip and reignite the passion they once enjoyed. Consumed by his Ripper persona however, Phillip lashed out at Fah Lo Suee and she was forced to defend herself by firing a fatal shot into the Ripper's midsection.

In later years, the X-Men, drawn into the unearthly sphere of the afterlife, encountered what appeared to be the deceased Tom Malverne Ripper amongst Azazel's pirates. Having been powered up by Azazel, this Jack was caught in a fight with Wolverine aboard his sky faring ship before the X-Men leader fell from the vessel.


First Appearance: All-Select Comics (1943) #7

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Issue Appearances:
All-Select Comics (1943)
Amazing X-Men (2014)
Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988)
Marvel Graphic Novel (1982)
Master of Kung Fu (1974)
The Eternals (1976)
Thor (1966)
Vampire Tales (1973)

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