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Captain Marty McCrab
Real Name: Marty Patrick McCrab
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Brilliant battle strategist
Powerful Left Claw
Duraniam Plated Shell

Being away from the Sea to long.

Captain Marty McCrab is the oldest and longest serving active officer in the ASF. A brilliant battle strategist, Marty has had a storied career as captain of numerous ships over the years. Marty is a master of the “old school” in a generation of advanced technology and hotshot up-and-comers. Despite his past success, he never takes anything for granted or underestimates any challenge, something he tries to pass on to some of the more brash members of his young crew.
His low tolerance for any kind of nonsense on the job makes him come off as a bit of a curmudgeon, and the younger guys love to bust his chops for it. But during downtime, he can dish out the ribbing better than the wisest wisecracker on the ship. Despite his advanced age and small stature, Marty is no pushover in battle. His hard carapace and hermit shell are a natural armor that is immune to many hand-weapons, and his large claw really packs a wallop.


First Appearance: SAM: Fate Revolution (2005) #1

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Group Affiliation(s):
Alliance Shipping Federation (ASF)

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