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Sharad Hett

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Hett was a Jedi Knight during the waning days of the Old Republic, before the time of Anakin Skywalker. He came from a planet that spawned many Jedi Knights, and it brought honor to his family that he was taken. He was taken as a Padawan by Jedi Master Eeth Koth, a member of the Jedi Council.

Sharad Hett's skills were considerable. He became known as the "Howlrunner," which was his most popular nickname among many. Together, he and Eeth Koth were a masterful pair. However, Sharad Hett had kept in contact with his family throughout his Jedi career, which was a rare occurrence amongst the Jedi. Eventually, overcome with homesickness and longing, he decided to leave the academy and return home. A large ceremony was held, in which he said goodbye to his master and friend, Eeth Koth.

He soon discovered, however, that his entire planet had been attacked by a band of raiders and pirates. All of the major cities were destroyed, his family with them. Overcome with grief and sadness, he turned his starship around and entered a random hyperspace coordinate, blasting into wherever it would take him. He ended up crash landing in the Jundland Wastes on the planet of Tatooine, surviving for a long time with the help of the Force. He was eventually found by Tusken Raiders and, though beaten and looked down upon, he used his Force powers to hold them at bay. His knowledge and combat prowess soon gave him a reputation amongst the Tuskens, and he was eventually elevated to the position of a Warlord, the first Tusken capable of banding together entire tribes to organize assaults on nearby settlements. In one such attack, several Tusken tribes attacked the village of Anchorhead, destroying the central cistern and running back to the Dune Sea with loads of water.

Soon after the attacks, the infamous Jabba the Hutt began using them as an excuse to sell his cheap, cut-rate weaponry at ridiculous prices throughout Tatooine, something the Jawas were only too eager to assist in. Angered by the success of Jabba, Durga the Hutt hired the ex-Jedi bounty hunter Aurra Sing to assassinate Sharad Hett, and end the strength that united the Tuskens.

When the report of the assault on Anchorhead reached the Jedi Council, they were immediately caught by a single frame in the holofootage. A single frame with the perfect angle, showing the lightsaber hanging from the belt of the Tusken warlord. They recognized the lightsaber to be that of Sharad Hett's, and dispatched Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi to find him, hopeful that they could have him rejoin the Jedi to aide in the coming strife. Ki-Adi was selected as he was the only member of the Council who had not known Hett personally, so that if it were necessary to strike Hett down, he would be able to do so.

Upon arriving on Tatooine, Ki-Adi Mundi was immediately noticed by Aurra Sing, who's Jedi Master had been a friend of Mundi's; an old Jedi woman named the Dark Woman. She decided that she would attempt to kill both Hett and Mundi, a "two-for-one" deal.

Ki-Adi Mundi was instructed to seek audience with Jabba the Hutt, to find assistance in reaching Sharad Hett. Jabba the Hett had previously enslaved one of Ki-Adi Mundi's beautiful daughters, and there was high animosity between them. Swearing friendship, Jabba the Hutt sent Ki-Adi on a desert skiff out into the Dune Sea, saying his men would take him right to Hett. In truth, he was sending the entire skiff out into a horrible sand storm. Before they reached the storm, the skiff's crew attempted to murder Ki-Adi, and he destroyed them all, but not before he could steer the skiff away from the storm. Exhausted and wounded, he was forced to walk through the Dune Sea towards the towering rocks known as the Needles, which marked the center of the Dune Sea. Once he reached the rocks, he found himself in the cave of a Krayt dragon. He would've been killed, too, if not for the timely arrival of a tribe of Tuskens, lead by none-other than Sharad Hett. They had come not to save Ki-Adi, but for the initiation right of Hett's son, A'Sharad, who was to kill the Krayt Dragon. He did so, and the Tuskens brought Ki-Adi with them back to their camp.

Ki-Adi learned of what had happened to Hett, and implored him to return to the Jedi on Coruscant. Hett refused, saying the Tuskens were his people now, and that he would not abandon them.

Soon thereafter, Durga launched a full-out attack on the Tuskens, while Sharad was absent. Upon returning, he found the Tuskens charging into their doom. Unable to rally them, he watched as his tribesmen were killed off by the advanced weaponry of Durga's army. He called upon the Force, using it to viciously destroy the Hutt's entourage. However, Jabba the Hutt arrived to save the day, and with his additional forces, the Hutts destroyed the entire tribe. In the course of the action, Aurra Sing had found her target and engaged him in a furious lightsaber duel. In the course of the duel, she caught Hett off-guard and stabbed him through the chest, thus ending the legend of the Howlrunner. Ki-Adi arrived too late, and implored Sing to leave, and she did. Ki-Adi took A'Sharad with him back to Coruscant, where he trained to become a Jedi Knight.

Ki-Adi was later killed during the Great Jedi Purge at the end of the Clone Wars. Although A'Sharad survived and later rejoined the tuskens. The fate of Aurra Sing is unknown.

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Issue Appearances:
Star Wars (1998)
Star Wars Omnibus (2006)
Star Wars: Legacy War (2010)

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Galactic Republic (Old)
Jedi Order (Old)

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