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Super Underwear Man [aka Unders]
Real Name: Super Underwear Man
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Toilet-Paper-Gun (TPG)
Plunger - The Super Underwear Man often uses this device when he runs into a potty-mouthed criminal.
Hammeroid - Miniature robot which can be deployed to hammer toes and feet.
Underang - A boomerang-like device which is often flicked at the bad guy
Switch-Brush - A switch-blade-like device which is used to scrub-out dirty mouths.
Foamernade - A soap-filled grenade which unleashes cleanliness whenever it goes off.
Slowpaper - A toiletpaper smoke grenade which when deployed, allows for the heros to escape or hide from detection.

He only gets the 'seconds' jobs that are too menial for the "big" super heroes.

Super Underwear Man was created about December 7, 1994. The creator/author was having dinner in Portland, near Beaverton, Oregon. The author was at the Canyon Pearl restaurant. Dinner was taking a little bit of time, because the restaurant was quite crowded. He began a guess-the-drawing game with his young son at the time. The game was to hide the drawing from the other contestant, as to limit the guess time to about one minute. Several iteration of the game ensued, each party would then relinquish the pen, and pass it to the other. The media was the Canyon Pearl’s napkins, which tore easily.
After several iterations, the idea entered the Author’s mind and he began drawing the Super Underwear Man character. The Author hid the drawing as best he could from his son. Anticipation built and built, until he revealed his character to his son. Immediately, on first sight of the character, his son screamed out “Its Super Underwear Man!” More that just a few people looked over to see what the laughing was all about.
Later, the Author scrounged up enough money to employ a few artists and to print the first comic books. He contracted with LA Web Offset Printing for the first printing of his comic books. To date, copies have been sold in all U.S. states, Canada, Mexico, German, and many many more countries.

SUM Productions Issue #1 $2.95 was released to coincide with the COMIC-CON 1997. Prior releases were low quality photocopy runs in 1994, 1995, 1996. These low quality runs exist mostly in the Pacific Northwest where several hundred copies were sold. A few were sold internationally. The SUM Productions logo shows "SUPER UNDERWEAR MAN" each word centered above a pair of tidy-whitey underpants. "S.U.M. Productions is immediately below the underpants.

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