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Warrior Nun Areala
Real Name: Shannon Masters
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Highly trained in martial arts combat, Shannon Masters relies mostly on her own skills and reflexes to stay alive while fighting the forces of Hell. In addition to the physical training provided by the Warrior Nun program, initiates are also granted certain abilities that would be labeled 'supernatural' by some.

The superior conditioning of the Warrior Nuns renders them somewhat resistant to extremes of temperatures, allowing them to function in their underwear in the middle of a blizzard or in their full combat habits in the middle of the desert. This does not prevent them from catching frostbite due to prolonged exposure or from getting burned by a raging inferno.

The sword she carries inflicts grievous wounds upon those with demonic taint, but passes through normal humans without causing physical injury. Instead, when her sword makes contact with a being of non-demonic nature, it cleanses that being's spirit of any dark taint currently present. This causes considerable pain to the target as the darkness in his or her soul is syphoned off, much as a doctor might lance and drain the infection out of a boil, and usually results in a period of unconsciousness following the attack.

Shannon's rosary beads can be used as small explosives to blind or distract enemies in combat.

Since combat with the forces of Hell can take place without warning and often far away from hospitals where the treatment of wounds could be undertaken, Warrior Nuns are granted a special "healing hands" power which allows them to treat injuries and staunch the flow of blood in cases where immediate first aid is impossible. This power requires focused concentration from the Warrior Nun providing it, and also requires her hands to be in constant contact with the recipient of the healing. Any break in contact or concentration can disrupt this flow of power and neutralize its benefits.

Her left arm from the elbow up was destroyed in combat with Demon Foster, and has been replaced by a highly functional cybernetic attachment. This carries the outward appearance of a normal human arm, but can also be swapped out for a more heavy-duty combat model. The combat model is stronger, more durable, and also contains a green stone which allows her to summon the God Armor, a mythical combat suit endowed with the powers of heaven itself, and only wearable by those worthy of the name "Areala."

As a normal female, Shannon Masters suffers from all the same weaknesses as the rest of the human race. She is highly trained by the Vatican's Warrior Nun program, but she is still young and relatively inexperienced. While she can use the God Armor, the after-effects of its usage can be more than even the best-trained Warrior Nun is meant to handle, and the teleportation effect used by the armor when she calls on it can be interrupted by a properly-timed magical attack.

Shannon harbours a crush on Father Crowe, the Magic Priest, from a time before they devoted their lives to God and the Church. This relationship naturally violates the laws of the Church, and both of them make a conscious effort to resist crossing the line into temptation.

Like all true heroes, Shannon is also devoted to the preservation of innocent life, and thus can be placed into very difficult situations if forced to choose between saving a good friend or member of the church versus saving a group of innocents who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time in the battle between Heaven and Hell.

Though she has grown more tolerant over the years, Areala views the Church she serves and the Christian God as the one true God. Because of this, she is distrustful and occasionally outright scornful of other religions and deities, even when she knows for certain that those powers exist. While she can be dogmatic in her faith, she is always repentant of any inadvertantly insulting words or behavior displayed towards others who do not share her faith (though this repentance can take some time coming).

Shannon Masters was born in 1959 but was abandoned by her parents and left on the steps of Our Lady of the Virgin Mary convent. After showing both mental and physical aptitude greater than her classmates, Shannon was selected for the Vatican's "Silver Cross" program and transferred to Saint Thomas Academy in New York to begin her Warrior Nun training.

Growing up at Saint Thomas, she quickly rose to the top of her class while wrestling with feelings of self-doubt concerning her abandonment by her parents. Most of these feelings disappeared after her adoption by the Yoma family; she is quite affectionate towards both her stepfather, Ota Yoma, and her stepsister, Sasuki Yoma.

It was also at Saint Thomas Academy that she met her future "boss", Mother Superion, her troubled classmate Mary (who grew up to become the infamous "Shotgun Mary"), as well as a boy named David Crowe with whom she would share strong feelings but never more. After completion of her training at Saint Thomas, Shannon was sent to Vatican City where she received the remainder of her instruction under Mother Superion.

Once considered field-ready, Shannon was sent back to her native New York to serve as the lone watch-nun of two sectors, a replacement for Sisters Sanguine and Hannah. Despite there being not a single shred of demonic activity since the great Purge of 1985, Shannon soon found herself in far over her head as a plot by Julius Salvius to resurrect Lucifer on Earth nearly came to fruition. Shannon and Father Terrence Gomez where caught in the crossfire as factions of Hell battled among one another, and Shannon was nearly killed by Demon Foster.

Despite grievous injuries, Shannon recovered and, with the help of the original Sister Areala, found within herself newly-awakened powers. While the Vatican was hesitant to ascribe the name of Areala to Shannon, they had no choice but to recant after Shannon successfully fought and defeated an avatar of Nebelhexa, the avowed enemy of the valkyrie Areala who bestowed her name upon the first Warrior Nun.

Now, as Areala, Sister Shannon continues to patrol New York, battle the hordes of Hell across the world, and helps instruct the new generation of Warrior Nuns. She is considered among the best and bravest Warrior Nuns that the order has ever produced, but still retains her humility before others and her God.

Areala (as "Shannon") and Father Crowe (as "Magic Priest") made their first appearances in Ninja High School #38, also written by Warrior Nun creator Ben Dunn. Shannon shares the same last name as the witch Mimi Masters in Ninja High School. This could be a coincidence, or it could suggest some sort of a relationship between the two of them that has simply not been detailed.

First Appearance: Ninja High School (1986) #38

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Warrior Nun Areala/Razor: Revenge (1999)
Warrior Nun Manga (2000)
Warrior Nun: Black & White (1997)
Warrior Nun: Frenzy (1998)

Group Affiliation(s):
Warrior Nuns

Famous Quotes: - Add a Famous Quote
"I live only to serve my Father..."



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