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Catiana (Marvel)
Real Name: Tatiana Caban
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Exposure to animal blood causes her to take on the creature's physical characteristics and abilities.

(NYX#4) - After finishing a day at three different jobs, Tatiana Caban walked home and stopped to feed a group of stray animals. When she arrived home, her sister explained that their mom was out on a date. Their mother soon arrived home as well, bringing her boyfriend Reuben home with her. One of Tatiana's birds named Barretta flew at Reuben, who knocked the bird to the ground. Tatiana's mother made her apologize to Reuben and then slammed the door to her bedroom.

(NYX#5) - On her way to school, Tatiana witnessed a dog getting hit by a car. She quickly grabbed the bleeding animal and asked the driver to take her to the free animal clinic a few blocks down the street. After getting the animal to the hospital, Tatiana made it to the Bronx Vocational High School covered in blood. She soon began to pick up nearby scents and easily overheard her schoolmates whispering about her. After throwing up, Tatiana transformed into a dog-like creature with brown and white fur. She was immediately attacked by an anti-mutant mob at her school, who chased her into an alleyway. In order to better defend herself, Tatiana killed an alleycat and touched its blood, transforming into a black, cat-like creature and scaring away the mob. She was calmed down by X-23, who had arrived on the scene with Kiden Nixon and Cameron Palmer.

(NYX#6) - After transforming back to her normal form, Kiden Nixon explained to Tatiana that she had been seeing visions of her dead father who told her where to go at key moments. Tatiana claimed to believe her, but opted to return home instead of staying with Kiden and company. She soon returned home to find her mother in bed with Reuben. As her mother started to argue with her, Tatiana was attacked by Barretta and then her cat, Skeeter. Terrified, Tatiana ran outside to find that Kiden Nixon had followed her. Kiden told her that her powers were not a dream and Tatiana agreed to join them. While staying with Kiden, Cameron Palmer, and X-23, Tatiana complained about what they planned on doing next.

(NYX#7) - Kiden soon received another vision of her father, telling them to go back to Cameron Palmer's apartment. When Tatiana complained, Ms. Palmer told her that if she had a problem with things, then she could go back home to her family. After thinking about how awful things were at home, Tatiana opted to stay with the group. Upon arriving at Ms. Palmer's apartment, Cameron told the girls to wait behind and call the cops if her light did not come on. When it never came on, Kiden saw a vision of her father telling them to run away. Before they could do so, Kiden, Tatiana, and X-23 were confronted by the pimp Zebra Daddy and his men, who had been searching for X-23. X-23 jumped into battle, severing Zebra Daddy hand and Tatiana, calling herself Catiana, licked the dried blood on her clothes and transformed back into a cat-like form. While X-23 and Kiden battled Zebra Daddy and his men, Tatiana used her newfound claws to scale the side of Ms. Palmer's apartment to save her, all the while thinking about how silly the name "Catiana" sounded. When Ms. Palmer's attacker threw her from the building, Catiana managed to grab her hand. Ms. Palmer soon slipped from Catiana's grasp and fell, but was saved by Kiden, who froze time and placed a mattress under her. Tatiana jumped down to the ground in time to see X-23 stab Zebra Daddy through the heart. With the cops arriving on the scene, Tatiana, Kiden, X-23, and Cameron Palmer all left the scene of the crime with their newest ally Felon, who had been brought into the battle by a vision of Kiden's father as well.

(X-Men: The 198 Files - BTS) - Following the events of "M-Day," Tatiana Caban was one of the mutants who retained her mutant abilities. She was cataloged by the Office of National Emergency, who saw her as a general threat in a possible war between mutants and humans.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - Tony Stark considered Catiana as a potential Initiative recruit.


First Appearance: NYX (2003) #4

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Issue Appearances:
Civil War: Battle Damage Report (2007)
Heroic Age: X-Men (2011)
NYX (2003)
NYX: No Way Home (2008)
X-23 (2010)
X-Men: The 198 Files (2006)

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"You kidnapped us. You want to use us. That's not freedom -- that's not any kind of survival that sounds good to me."

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