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Felon (Marvel)
Real Name: Bobby Soul
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Felon was a mutant who could take possession of another's body. While inside their body, he had access to all of their thoughts and memories. Usually after he possessed someone, he would suffer from temporary memory loss, often having trouble even remembering who he was.

While possessing the body of celebrity L-Ro, Felon got a call on his cellphone from the pimp Zebra Daddy. He returned to his body to answer the phone and Zebra Daddy explained that he needed to talk. Suffering from temporary memory loss due to the possession, Felon had to remind himself that his real name was Bobby Soul and agreed to meet with Zebra Daddy. Later in the Flatiron District, Zebra Daddy explained to Felon that one of his girls had come up missing and that he wanted Bobby to bring her back. At first Bobby declined, but Zebra Daddy offered to give him $5,000 towards getting him and his little brother out of their rut. Eventually Zebra Daddy gave Bobby half of the money up front and suggested that he speak with another of his girls named Tanya. Felon finally agreed and then returned to his home in District X. Once there, he woke up his autistic younger brother and made breakfast for him. When Bobby mentioned that their ship had finally come in, his brother telepathically asked if he was going to be using his powers. Bobby explained that it was a job for Zebra Daddy, but that he wouldn't have to do anything bad this time. Soon after, Mrs. Alba arrived to watch over his brother and Bobby left to go find Tanya. Tanya told Felon that she had already told Zebra Daddy all she knew and gave Felon the address of Cameron Palmer, whom she had seen in the company of Zebra Daddy's girl. Felon then went to the apartment listed on the address and found the landlady, who asked if Bobby was one of Ms. Palmer's students. Realizing that Cameron was a teacher, Bobby then visited Rudolph Giuliani High School, where he spoke with Tamisha and a few of her friends about Ms. Palmer. The girls explained how Hector had shot Ms. Palmer months ago and stared down a girl named Kara as she walked past. Felon quickly asked why they were staring and then explained that Ms. Palmer had hung out with Kara. When Kara refused to give Felon any information, he possessed her body and told her that if she didn't tell him what he wanted to know, he would force her to walk over and slap Tamisha's face, and then leave her to deal with the repercussions. Kara soon agreed and Felon got the information he needed. Afterwards, Felon visited the home of Kiden Nixon, where he possessed her brother, Tyler, and called Zebra Daddy to tell him that his girl was hanging out with two others: Kiden Nixon of Alphabet City and Cameron Palmer, a teacher. He told Zebra Daddy that the girls would not be returning to Kiden's home after learning information from Tyler's mind. He then hung up and reentered his own body. Grabbing his cellphone from Tyler, Bobby punched him, explaining that it was being a crappy brother. That night when Bobby returned home, he fed his little brother, explained that he did have to use his mutant powers, and then apologized. He also explained to his little brother that due to the memory loss caused by his powers, he could not remember how he got two bus passes to Las Vegas or how he received that $2,500 in his pocket. Terrified at what he could have done, Bobby asked his brother if he had hurt someone. In response to Bobby's question, his brother projected a mental image of deceased policeman, Nick Nixon.

The mental image soon took on a life of its own and began to speak to Felon, explaining that yes, Felon had done some bad things and that four young ladies were in great danger because of him. Felon claimed that he couldn't do anything about it now, but the image told him that he could help and pointed at Cameron Palmer's address on the table. When Felon told Nick that he couldn't leave his brother home alone, Nick replied that it was a chance he was going to have to take. The image then asked what his brother thought of Bobby leaving to help the girls and his brother winked to signify that Bobby should help. After the image of Nick disappeared, Bobby quickly told his brother that he had to go. Felon soon arrived outside the apartment of Cameron Palmer, who was being attacked. When Kiden Nixon decided to help, she saw a vision of her father, Nick, who explained that the girls needed to get to safety and that Felon was there to help. Zebra Daddy soon confronted the girls and when Felon reminded him that he said no one would get hurt, Daddy ordered one of his men to point a gun at Felon as well. X-23 (Zebra Daddy's "girl") responded by cutting off Zebra Daddy's hand and decapitated Diesel, one of the gunmen. A fight soon broke out, with Felon possessing one of the gunmen and then causing the man to shoot his own leg. He then returned to his own body and began suffering from memory loss. By the time he had regained his memory, the battle was over and Zebra Daddy was dead, thanks to X-23. He then led the girls back to his apartment in District X and to safety.


First Appearance: NYX (2003) #6

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Issue Appearances:
Heroic Age: X-Men (2011)
NYX (2003)
NYX: No Way Home (2008)
X-23 (2010)

Group Affiliation(s):

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