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Mighty Man (01 - Robert Berman)
Real Name: Robert Berman.
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When Robert Berman slams his wrists together, a bright light is emitted, within which her body is transformed into the body of Mighty Man. However, while his body changes from one form to another, his consciousness remains and is in control of the Mighty Man form. The Mighty Man entity has no mind or will of its own. The act of transforming into Mighty Man or Robert Berman sends the inactive body to another diimension - Robert Berman's form is replaced by Mighty Man's, and vice-versa. Even though inactive, Robert Berman's body needs nutrition regularly in order for him and the Mighty Man identity to survive.
Mighty Man has vast superhuman strength. He can fly at incredible speeds, has seemingly impenetrable skin, inhuman stamina and endurance, and an accellerated healing ability. He is capable of lifting (pressing) 150 tons.

The exact time and place that a young boy named Bobby Berman was given the powers of Mighty Man is unrevealed. What is known is that back in the 1940s, the child radio correspondent was visited by the ancient sorceror Fon~Ti who infused him with the abilities of the World's Mightiest Man. The eternal spirit would remain with the child until the day he died.
Berman embarked on a career as a superhero, using his tremendous gift to solve crimes and apprehend criminals. His two most persistant foes were the obsessed Dr. Nirvana, a scientist whose soul goal in life was to destroy Mighty Man and conquer the planet, and the Wicked Worm, a sentient mystical creature that could regenerate itself to limitless numbers once it had been severed. These separated worms all shared the same mind.

The actions of this powerful hero eventually led to him being offered a position on the sixties superteam, the Liberty League. The group acted independantly and achieved a number of great feats before the United States government approached them and made them into their private team of superhumans. Mighty Man left the team following the argument between SuperPatriot and BattleTank which ultimately caused the entire team to disband and scatter.

Mighty Man continued on as the main protector of his beloved Chicago, often-times alongside his former leader SuperPatriot. This highly-praised career came to an end in 1992 when the newspaper the Chicago Voice learned his civilian identity and published it for the world to see. A gang of young thugs took advantage of this revelation and raided the home of the now elderly Robert Berman. Before he could transform into his powered form, Berman was beaten and stabbed, left mortally wounded.

Robert Berman was rushed to Hillman Hospital where he eventually died of his wounds. Before he passed on, the powers of Mighty Man were given to the nurse caring for him, Ann Stevens, who he mistook for his grandson, Billy Berman.


First Appearance: The Savage Dragon (1992) #1

Favorite Characters:
Mighty Man (01 - Robert Berman) is a favorite character of 3 users

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Issue Appearances:
Alan Moore's Glory (2001)
Big Bang Comics (1996)
Freak Force (1993)
Mighty Man (2004)
Savage Dragon (1993)
Superpatriot (1993)
Superpatriot: America's Fighting Force (2002)
Supreme (1992)
Supreme (1997)
Supreme: The New Adventures (1996)
The Savage Dragon (1992)

Group Affiliation(s):
Allied Supermen of America
Allies (Extreme)
Liberty League (Highbrow)

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