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Shotgun Mary
Real Name: Mary Delacroix
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Mary, as her namesake indicates, is a consumate gunfighter. She is quite proficient with just about every firearm known to man, and uses them all equally well in her quest to demolish the forces of Hell.

In addition to her marksmanship, Mary is also well-versed in the operation of motorcycles, constantly getting them to places no normal (or sane) cyclist would ever attempt.

Finally, if the situation calls for it, Mary is a cunning hand-to-hand fighter, though this is truly a tactic of last resort for her in a fight.

It could be said that Mary either still has the blessing of God or that she is simply incredibly lucky, but the fact remains that she has single-handedly walked out of situations that would have ended the lives of whole groups of Warrior Nuns with only a few scrapes or bruises to show for it.

As a simple female, Mary suffers from all of the weaknesses inherent in any other member of the human race.

As an ex-Warrior Nun, Mary no longer possesses the divine powers granted to members of the Order.

Her nature as a loner is one which can leave her outnumbered or outgunned in situations where having someone to guard her back would be preferable.

Mary also tends to be a strict adherent to the "shoot first and never mind the questions bit" philosophy. This can cause a considerable amount of collateral damage to the surrounding area and sometimes wreck the ability of others to rescue hostages or find usable data to salvage from the wreckage of one of her operations.

Mary's faith in God, while still present, has been shaken quite strongly in the past. It is possible that it wouldn't take much more to further weaken or even shatter that fragile faith and send Mary spiraling down into the depths of depression or another personal hell.

Mary was once a Warrior Nun in service to the Church. But her methods of handling things continually fell outside the bounds of what the Vatican felt was appropriate behavior for a Warrior Nun. Fed up with the Church's attempts to stifle her, Mary left the Warrior Nun order and struck out on her own, a one-woman army who preferred to bring the fight to the demons instead of waiting for the forces of Hell to move then striking in retaliation as the Church does (in her eyes).

One evening in New York, Mary staged an assault on what appeared to be a random gathering of demonic entities only to discover a set of hard drives with data about a coming demonic attack as well as a young boy who had been placed in cryogenic hibernation.

Feeling a soft-spot kick in, Mary brought the boy (who was quite sick) to the church of Father Gomez. Instead of getting well, the boy got worse until Mary identified some sort of demonic technology that had been placed inside him. Operating on the spot, Mary was able to extract the chip and stabilize the boy's vitals.

The demons were not far behind her, however, and tracked her to the church where a pitched battle was fought as the forces of Hell attempted to reclaim the boy, not knowing Mary had already removed the chip. The fight ended in a victory for the good guys, and Mary joined forces with sister Shannon Masters to hunt down and destroy Salvius Julianus, the mastermind behind the demonic plot she had undermined.

Once the adventure was over, however, Mary left the boy, the church, and sister Shannon behind as she rode off, looking for more trouble. She's been a perpetual thorn in Hell's side ever since, and Mary would have it no other way.

Mary made her first appearance in the first issue of the Warrior Nun Areala mini-series, written and drawn by Ben Dunn. She later acquired her own spin-off book, "Shotgun Mary," written by Herb Malette and drawn by Joseph Wight. Mary is revealed to be a lesbian (or at least bisexual) in the "Shotgun Mary: Blood Lore" series. Ten years prior to the events in that story, she had been in love with one of her fellow Warrior Nuns.

First Appearance: Warrior Nun Areala (1994) #1

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Pandora/Shotgun Mary (1998)
Redeemers (1997)
Shotgun Mary (1995)
Shotgun Mary (1998)
Shotgun Mary Shooting Gallery (1996)
Shotgun Mary: Deviltown (1996)
Shotgun Mary: Blood Lore (1997)
Shotgun Mary: Son of the Beast (1997)
Warrior Nun Areala (1994)
Warrior Nun Areala (1996)
Warrior Nun Areala: Portraits (1996)
Warrior Nun: Black & White (1997)

Group Affiliation(s):
Redeemers (Antarctic)

Famous Quotes: - Add a Famous Quote
"Bullets for Badasses! Have a free sample! --In response to a demon's inquiry of "Who comes sneaking to my door?""

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