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Father Crowe (Magic Priest)
Real Name: David Crowe
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As a Magic Priest, Father Crowe has the ability to fly under his own power (at distances equal to that from Rome to New York, though such long-distance flight tires him), as well as wield powerful magical energies which can be discharged from his hands or his eyes.

Father Crowe loves and is deeply protective of Sister Shannon Masters. He will deliberately place himself into harm's way to prevent her from being injured, and while he will not disobey orders from the Vatican, he has been known to "reinterpret" them from time in order to render assistance to Shannon.

David Crowe attended the "Silver Cross" program at St. Thomas Academy the same time as Shannon Masters did. Easily outclassing the other male students in his program, he finished at the top of his class and received his Magic Priest training at the Vatican.

Father Crowe is one of the most powerful and influential Magic Priests of his time, often covering jobs that would have required two or more Magic Priests. When such situations fall outside of even his exceptional abilities, Crowe is often paired with Father Stone or Father Fang.

Crowe's most noteworthy achievement (and also one of his most crushing spiritual battles) took place when he directly opposed the man known as the Hammer. A Kabbalahist with many decades' more experience than Crowe, the Hammer was a Jewish mystic who was intent on exposing the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church and the fact that the Pope was aware of Hitler's scheme to exterminate the Jews of Europe and yet did nothing to prevent the genocide. Though he won the battle, Father Crowe suffered a crisis of faith afterwards for defeating a man who, in another time or place, could have been his ally instead of his enemy.

Father Crowe first made his appearance (as "Magic Priest") in Ninja High School #38, created by Ben Dunn. There appears to be some confusion concerning Fr. Crowe's first name. In the Barry Lyga Warrior Nun Areala series, it is given as Sebastian. However, in Ben Dunn's Warrior Nun Areala: Resurrection series, it is given as David. Since Ben Dunn is the creator of the character, David is used as his canonical first name.

First Appearance: Ninja High School (1986) #38

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Issue Appearances:
Magic Priest (1998)
Ninja High School (1986)
Warrior Nun Areala (1994)
Warrior Nun Areala (1996)
Warrior Nun Areala (1997)
Warrior Nun Areala (1999)
Warrior Nun Areala: Resurrection (1998)
Warrior Nun Areala: Scorpio Rose (1996)
Warrior Nun: Black & White (1997)

Group Affiliation(s):

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"I admire your devotion to a fellow nun, Sister, but your Order must remain obedient to the Priesthood!"

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